2-day 6th World Punjabi Conference begins on high note



     Punjab’s Tourism and Culture Minister, Navjot Singh Sidhu  and Vidhan Sabha Speaker , Rana KP Singh inaugurated 2-day 6th World Punjabi Conference at Punjab University today.

    The main theme of conference, which is being organsied jointly by World Punjabi Conference and Punjab Arts Council, is ‘Punjabiyat: Past and Present’.  

    Around 1000 delegates, mostly from India, Canada, USA, England, Germany, France and Italy would deliberate about the problems and achievements of Punjabis living in 150 countries. This conference is focused on present scenario of Punjab especially its economy, peasantry and suicide, its security problems, education, language, literate and other arts.

    While stressing upon the need to work together in various fields of Punjab, Punjabi and Panjabiyat , Navjot Singh Sidhu said that in the internet era, we have to use new techniques to connect the new generation with Punjabi heritage, literature and culture.

    He said further , under the leadership of Dr. Surjit Patra, the Punjab Art Council will create cultural parliament and make villages, cities and towns a part of these activities. Through the alternate and standard cultural activities, the violence and violence prevailing in the culture can be tackled.

    He expressed solidarity at the fact that books worth Rs one crore were sold in the book festival of Punjabi University Patiala.

     Punjab, Punjabi and Panjabiyat , Navjot Singh Sidhu

    Rana KP Singh said that today, the Punjabi language has become a worldwide phenomenon, but our language is still at the doorstep of various courses, jobs, jobs and jobs. Many courses such as LLB, Science related courses and IT The fields are not being read in the pure language of Punjabi language.

    He said that everyone needs to be executed for development of Punjabi. He said that in order to solve these problems for the reduction of Punjabi language at the conference, the Punjabi linguists, intellectuals, writers, politicians, social leaders and others Should be together. He said that Punjabi language has become world class today and it can not be linked with any particular region or region.

    HS Hanspal, Chairman- World Punjabi Conference said that in the past 70-yr, we have not implemented Punjabi. All work in Punjab should be in Punjabi.  The government should take immediate step to implement it .

     Punjab, Punjabi and Panjabiyat , Navjot Singh Sidhu

    Prof. A. K. Grover, Vice Chancellor, Punjab  University said that whatever might be the reasons to set up Punjab University, but university is working towards servicing the Punjabiyat regularly. University is going to give a proposal to government seeking knowledge of ‘shahmukhi’ to Punjabis. For this we need  to enhance coordination with universities in Pakistan also , he remarked.

    Dr. Surjit Patar, Chairman, Punjab Arts Council said that Punjabi is now not remain a language of seven rivers, it has now become language of seven seas. The Punjabiyat has spread like this phrase- moge nacchan jaago bicch, paindee dhamaal Chicago bicch.   

    Satguru Udai Singh said that danger of vanishing Punjabi is not an unreal . Presently we are working isolated . The need of hour is to work together on a large scale, he asserted.  

    Meanwhile Dr. S S Johl, Rajkumari Anita Singh, Jang Bahadur Goel, Sukhi Bath and Inqbal Mahal were felicitated during occasion.

    On first day today , 1st   session was on Punjab and Education. The moderator for this session was Dr Surjit Singh and the panelist were;  Dr B.S. Ghum man,Vice Chancellor, Punjabi University Patiala, Prof. A. K. Grover, Vice Chancellor, Punjab University,   Chandiga rh and Janak Raj Mehrok, Secreta ry, Punja b School Education Board.

    The 2nd session was on Economy, Peasantry and Suicides. The moderator was Amarjit Singh Grewal. The panelists included; Dr Sucha Singh Gill, Dr Gian Singh, Dr Sukhpal Singh and Dr Sukhdev Singh.

    The 3rd session was on Punjab Security: Situation and Concerns. The moderator for this session was Manmohan Singh, IPS and panelists were Suresh Arora, IPS and Nirmaljit Singh Kalsi, IAS.





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