3 Reasons Why Brands Prefer Instagram Instead of Other Social Platforms


3 Reasons Why Brands Prefer Instagram Instead of Other Social Platforms

Social media today has taken the world by storm with 3.5 billion and more users. Therefore, it is no wonder whyInstagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites are growing faster and improving their position in the market. Then, did you know that Instagram is the preferred social site for leading brands and outshining the others? That is because 80 percent of all Instagram visitors follow at least one brand. Again, 800 million and more users are on this site each month. Instagram now attracts more than two million advertisers every month. When it comes to micro-influencers, 59 percent of them feel that they receive the best engagement on the picture-sharing platform. The data shows why brands love Instagram over other social sites. Here are the top three reasons why businesses favorthis photo-sharing platform:

  1. Improve Business Reach

Did you know that Instagram has about one billion active users monthly as of June 2018? Though Facebook has two billion monthly users, this site’s latest news feed algorithm has made it difficult for brands to become visible and heard. Instagram, on the contrary, now has more than 25 million business accounts and 80 percent of visitors using the platformfollow at least one brand. Besides, the picture-sharing site has two million advertisers monthly. You have less competition on this site and an increased possibility of succeeding with your social media marketing. To know how Instagram marketing benefits brands, you can visit sites such as Stormlikes.com. All of these statistics prove that your business will experience an enhanced brand reach compared to the other social networking sites.

3 Reasons Why Brands Prefer Instagram Instead of Other Social Platforms

  1. Customer Engagement on Mobile Apps

Did you know that 52 percent and more internet traffic come from smartphones? Based on the findings of eMarketer, users spend 84.9 percent of their time using mobile apps. It implies that they will find it easy to use Instagram on their mobile devices. Moreover, people find the photo-sharing platform the most popular social media app, next to Facebook. Besides, 101.42 million mobile users use the Instagram app, according to a November 2017 data. With such information available, it is evident why leading brands prefer Instagram when it comes to enhanced customer engagement on mobile. Therefore, you should tap into the pool of smartphone users to keep your audience hooked.

  1. Engross Audience with High-quality Images

Eye-catching photos best convey your brand’s message across to your audience. That is why modern marketers like grabbing the attention of their customers through stunning visuals in their Instagram marketing. Based on the findings of BuzzSumo, pictures posted on Facebook through Instagram receive increased user engagement than those displayed directly. That is because Instagram is a full visual platform, and therefore, it wins hands-down. To reap the maximum benefits out of this photo-sharing platform, always include relevant hashtags in all your posts.

3 Reasons Why Brands Prefer Instagram Instead of Other Social Platforms


Now that you are aware of the benefits of using Instagram as a social media platform, make the most out of it and beat your competitors in business.

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.


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