5 Highly Anticipated Shows on Cable TV in 2018



Enjoy your favorite Cable TV shows in high resolution and amazing picture quality. Check out the top five shows that are going to be 2018’s highest rated shows.

5 Highly Anticipated Shows on Cable TV in 2018

There is no doubt that the Internet has altered our modes of entertainment to a great extent with amenities like online streaming and convenient online forums where you can search and watch all your favorite shows. But TV stays to be the most-watched entertainment medium and it has its own value especially if we take it as a platform where families can sit together and have some live interaction for once in a day at least. Fancy gadgets have made us addicted to them and we hardly make time to interact with the people that we live with. And TV provides us with the medium to sit and spend time together. If you live in Ohio, get in touch with Spectrum Internet Deals and subscribe to one of their packages to enjoy a robust and entertainment-packed channel lineup, in high-resolution picture quality.

TV has served to be an entertainment medium for many years now. And it still deserves the due credit for being the most seen entertainment medium and serving its viewers with quality entertainment. If you are someone who loves to watch shows on the television and you believe that Internet-based gadgets don’t do justice to the shows, then here is your list of must-watch shows on the Cable TV this year.

  • The Chi

  • 5 Highly Anticipated Shows on Cable TV in 2018


The creator of Master of None, the talented Lena Waithe has a new show waiting for us which is an enthralling and exciting ensemble show. Starring Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine, Jason Mitchell, Jacob LatimoreSonja Sohn (of The Wire and many others, the cast is very talented. We would recommend this as a must-watch show and you would see for yourself that this show was a messy and complicated blend of what makes a perfect watch.

  • Grown-ish

  • 5 Highly Anticipated Shows on Cable TV in 2018

If you were watching black-ish, you would know that Zoey (Yara Shahidi), the eldest daughter of the Johnsons‘ is now off to university, and that calls for another show.

This charming and a little messy sequel has Zoey start off on a wrong footing as she gets into the Southern California University. She is in the midst of the efforts to reconcile her style and confidence whilst trying to figure out her insecurities and needs. And not to forget that she is amidst partying and hooking up. This show is going to be an interesting watch and is highly anticipated because it revolves around the best and catchiest ‘university plots’.

  • 9-1-1

  • 5 Highly Anticipated Shows on Cable TV in 2018

Full of endless action and adventure, 9-1-1 is going to be a great show. So, for all those who are action and adventure freaks and can’t get enough of it, this is a must-watch and you shouldn’t miss it. The name says it all, 9-1-1 is about the responses that a responsible and efficient service gives to emergencies of all kinds. And not just that, it is a take on the lives of those people who have to deal with trouble and emergencies at all times. Starring Angela Bassett and Connie Britton, the show has an amazing cast. Angela plays an LAPD officer and Connie plays the role of a phone operator that deals with strangers’ problems.

All the action-enthusiasts out there, DO NOT miss it!

  • The Good Place

  • 5 Highly Anticipated Shows on Cable TV in 2018

Comedy shows are our favorite and they are the best antidote to the tiring days that we spend. If you are a comedy-lover too, this is perhaps the best and most unique comedy show ever and that revolves around the afterlife. It is a thing to marvel how this show keeps the interest, tension, progress, surprise, and momentum. Starring William Jackson Harper, Kristen Bell, and Jameela Jamil, the show is a must-watch and if in case you took a break, you need to catch up.

  • The X-Files

  • 5 Highly Anticipated Shows on Cable TV in 2018

Although the series received lackluster reviews for its 10th season in 2016, by critics and fans both, the 11th season is being highly anticipated. And the credit goes to Gillian Anderson, as she announced that it would be her last appearance on the show and that has created all the hype. And you need to know at least the basics of X-Files mythology and the previous episodes to know it better and gauge it as a good or a bad watch. The squeaky, mysterious alien voice in the teasers looks interesting and the show is going to be an incredible one.

To enjoy all these amazing shows in HD resolution and with uninterrupted broadcast, you need to subscribe to one of the Spectrum Cable TV. The packages are customized to fit your entertainment needs and provide you with an extensive channel-lineup to enjoy all entertainment genres.



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