90-yr old man undergoes knee replacement surgery successfully


90-yr old man undergoes knee replacement surgery successfully

A 90-yr old man has successfully undergone knee replacement surgery at Ojas Hospital.

Jagdish Chander was facing problem in left knee for which he was advised to undergo knee replacement.

After 1 hour 12 minutes long surgery, the patient started to walk on second day and on the fourth day yesterday, he was discharged from hospital.

Dr. Gagandeep Gupta, Consultant-Orthopedics and Joint Replacement Surgery at Ojas who performed surgery informed that the patient was operated by sutureless (stitchless ) technique which is only closed from inside by dissolvable sutures  thus no stitches on skin. This technique can be very beneficial for patients from far places as in this technique they are not required to visit hospital to remove the stitches, he remarked.

With advent of medical technology, age has become no longer a deterrent for joint replacement surgery. The goal of orthopaedic surgery in geriatric population is to preserve independence. Ability to get around is most important factors in maintaining independence, said Dr Gupta.

“Despite medical problems , the musculoskeletal system is frequently a sole cause of loss of independence . Joint replacement can restore independence and improve quality of life by eliminating pain and disability in elderly.”

Dr Gupta informed further that situation was different few years ago when geriatric patient used to reconcile to the circumstances and accept a wheel chair or got bed ridden for life. The rapid and advanced innovations in joint replacement and implant technology coupled with hi-tech intensive medical care has now made impossible situation looks possible.

90-yr old man undergoes knee replacement surgery successfully

The aged patients must undergo pre-operative assessment with respect to cardiac and general medical condition and if found fit are taken up for surgery and the results have been very encouraging and gratifying, Dr Gupta maintained.


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