A scintillating Diwali with Titan’s festive watch editions

~Presenting Titan Grandmaster for men and Raga ‘I Am’ for women~


A scintillating Diwali with Titan’s festive watch editions:  This festive season Titan has launched two exciting new collections for men and women respectively, Titan Grandmaster and Raga ‘I am’. The ‘I Am’ collection, Titan Raga’s festive offering, brings to life the intrinsic beauty of nature’s most unique and elemental designs.

The beauty of a woman shines brighter when she embraces her innate self, her subtle imperfections. Titan Raga brings you its latest collection, inspired by the true beauty of nature and its greatest creation- the woman. Imperfect,  yet truly magnificent.

The collection features stunning asymmetric dials, extraordinary glossy, beaten, satin and brushed metal finishes, exclusively crafted Swarovski crystals, exquisite Mother-of-pearl and reflective-marble dial finishes.

A scintillating Diwali with Titan’s festive watch editions

Priced between 4995 and 14995, Titan Raga ‘I am’ collection comes in 9 cases and 15 different variants with elegant complementary bracelets that accessorize the ensemble.

Take a pick from an array of stunning timepieces including, Crystal, Amber, Frost, Sparkle and more, all drawing design inspiration from nature.

Speaking at the occasion of the festive collection launches, Ms. Suparna Mitra, Chief Marketing Officer, Watches and Accessories Division said, “The beauty of a woman lies not in a societally imposed idea of perfection, but rather, in her acceptance of her unique beauty.

Design stories that celebrate the allure of imperfection are at the core of the product truth of Raga ‘I Am’.

The highlight masterpieces from this collection include ‘Crystal’, inspired by the unpredictable geometry of natural stones, ‘Mineral’, which draws inspiration from the intrinsic appeal of uncut crystals and ‘Frost’, inspired by icy stalactites, as an ode to the mystique of natural creation.

With this collection, Raga celebrates the woman’s authentic and resplendent self.”


Inspired by the game of Kings, the Titan Grandmaster collection is a majestic testament to the world of chess.

Stately chequered and layered dial detailing, intricate case constructions and authentic wood detailing with Ebony, Rose, Sapele and African Blackwood veneers that pay a fitting tribute to the Grandmaster, the master strategist.

The seconds hand of key pieces from this collection feature icons of key game changers such as the Rook and the Bishop.

Priced between 5995 and 18995, Titan Grandmaster collection comes in 6 cases and 16 different variants, including an iconic skeletal mechanical variant.

The collection has a range of gorgeous timepieces including, Rook, Bishop, Knight, Queen and more, inspired by the game of chess.

A scintillating Diwali with Titan’s festive watch editions

She added, “The Titan Grandmaster collection is inspired by the game of chess. We had the modern male in mind while designing these watches, a consumer group that has consistently thought two steps ahead.

Each watch in this collection has a deep design story that is uniquely tied to a key piece from the chess set.

The marquee pieces from this collection include the King watch, in which the King’s cross icon is elegantly translated onto the watch. And what is a King without his right hand man, his chief advisor, the ‘Wazir’.

 The ‘Wazir’ watch is wrought in lustrous tungsten and inspired by the Wazir’s faceted crown. Layered dial detailing, chequered press patterns and elegant wood craft dial up the ante of Titan Grandmaster festive launch,”

A scintillating Diwali with Titan’s festive watch editions

Celebrating the festivities this year with much love, Titan has launched an exclusive festive offer; for any Titan watch purchase worth over INR2995, Titan is gifting its customers a .20 gm gold coin.

The offer is valid between 10th October, 2018 till 11th November,  2018.

About Titan Company Limited:

Titan Company Limited (earlier known as Titan Industries Limited), a joint venture between the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO) and Tata Group, commenced operations in 1987 under the name Titan Watches Limited.

In 1994, Titan diversified into Jewellery and subsequently into eyewear with Titan Eyeplus. In 2013, Titan entered the fragrances segment with SKINN. Today, Titan Company Limited, India’s unchallenged leader in watches, jewellery and eyewear, is credited with changing the face of all these industries.

The financial year 2017-18 recorded a topline growth of 20.4% on a standalone basis. Titan Company Ltd reported a revenue of Rs.15,656 crores for the year ended 31st March 2018.   


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