Anti Human Trafficking Unit



Anti Human Trafficking Unit of W&CSU received an email  on 26.01.18 from Snehalaya to trace out the parents of master  Pappu s/o Bhim Bahadur, who were got  admitted in Snehalaya under the found/missing category.  On this the team of AHTU visited Snehalaya and interacted with the said children. During interaction it came into light that Pappu is a special child with low I. Q., so, the team of AHTU has to work hard to extract information from him and  during counselling he disclosed that he belongs to Tikkar near Shimla  but did not know the proper address. After getting some clue, the team of AHTU lead by ASI Laxay Kumar visited Shimla along with Pappu. After sincere efforts the team of AHTU succeeded in tracing the parents of master Pappu, they belongs to Village Tikkar, Distt. Narkanda, HP  and worked there in  Apple orchid, but their permanent address is village  bhagwatimai gaon palika  Distt. Dalakh, Jagannath, Nepal.  

          Now, Master Pappu has been re-united with his father Bhim Bahadur   & JiJa with the sincere efforts of Anti Human Trafficking Unit, Sec- 17, Chandigarh under the guidance of DSP/W&CSU, Sec- 17, Chd after following the proper procedure before Child Welfare Committee, Chandigarh.



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