Appreciation to Good Samaritan


     On 18.08.18 (Saturday) at about 8.00PM, one Senior Citizen Mr. H.C Arora, Advocate, PB & HR High Court was walking on a pavement alongside a road in Sector 44, Chandigarh and he suddenly stumbled and fell down. He started bleeding from fore-head and upper portion of nose. On seeing it, a nearby fruit vendor namely Mr. Angad Kumar Gupta lifted him immediately and given him First-Aid by showing humanity.

Appreciation to Good Samaritan)

     Today i.e. on 23.08.2018, the above act of Mr. Angad Kumar S/o Sh. Ramdhan Gupta R/o H.No 169, Daddu Majra, Chandigarh has been appreciated for being a “Good Samaritan” by promptly providing first-aid to a Senior Citizen in need of urgent medical care. Sh. Sanjay Baniwal IPS, DGP UT Chandigarh awarded Mr.Angad Kumar Gupta, with CC-I Certificate & Rs.1000/- cash award in the presence of Sh. Shashank Anand IPS, SSP/ Security & Traffic &, Sh.Amrao Singh, DSP/Traffic (South) and Sh. H.C Arora, Advocate, PB & HR High Court, Chandigarh.





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