Basic rules to accessorize a dress


Basic rules to accessorize a dress:  I found a new love. A love for women’s dresses. They are an option, I rarely considered in the past. Now, they are a favorite part of my wardrobe. I love the way they can be worn by themselves. They look ladylike and elegant. Some of them have a touch of naughtiness to them. But most importantly, they can be accessorized to create different kinds of look every time you wear the same dress.

In my mind, there are two kinds of ladies or women’s dresses – the long ones and the short ones. As a personal preference, I keep the long ones for slightly formal occasions. The short ones are the ones that allow me a wide range of accessories like high boots, thigh boots, different kinds of necklaces, bracelets, clutches and even Capri jeans.

Oh yes, you read that right! Womens Capri jeans by themselves are a great piece of a clothing. They can also be teamed with a few short and really short womens dresses to get the oomph factor out.

Talking of accessories, there are a few basic tips that need to be followed to ensure you look beautiful, ravishing, graceful, elegant or all of them. It really is a matter of choosing the right kinds of accessories to create a look that is worth mentioning or remembering by.

Minimalist look

I am a believer of the minimum for maximum effect. I like to keep the accessorizing bit simple for my women’s dresses as the dress is the main part of the look. Most of my accessories are subtle yet they compliment the dress.

Neck line

One of the main elements of accessorizing a womens dress is what you wear to highlight the neckline. Common necklines are the round shaped, V-shaped and the boat-shaped. Of course, the length and depth of each of these necklines depend on the designer, your imagination and comfort in wearing one.


Basic rules to accessorize a dress

As a ground rule, short neck pieces will go great with round and necklines. If you are a person with a slender and long neck, sticking to choker like accessories is a great plus. If you are endowed with short necks then dangling chains or necklaces are good.

Finger rings

Finger rings are a must with dresses according to my personal style rule book. They add an immediate effect that no other accessory can give you. There is a   range of finger rings available out there right from classic, timeless, boho, gypsy look, beaded beauties in sizes that are small to exorbitantly large and showy.

Basic rules to accessorize a dress

The ground rules regarding finger rings are to compliment them in color, shape and choice of material vis a vis the pattern, style, color and cloth used in your dress.

If you are wearing a bright and colorful dress, then keep a simple and oxidized ring on. If you are wearing even toned and single color dress go for a secondary color or contrasting finger ring.

Basic rules to accessorize a dress

Whatever you choose to accessorize your   dress with, remember you need to comfortable in it.



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