Bobby Deol refers to Salman Khan as the angel who motivated him

Bobby 2.0 is something everyone is looking forward to in his upcoming film Race 3. The actor has gone through a major transformation and is fitter than ever. Bobby talks about how Salman inspired him to do so which will make you wish for a friendship like theirs. During his latest interview, Bobby said  “He is truly an inspiration.
  Bobby Deol refers to Salman Khan as the angel who motivated him
He believed in me and made me understand that I should take better care of my body.” He reveals that his superstar friend, who is also his co-star in Race 3, got his personal trainer Rakesh Udiyar to work on him as well. “He is the head coach but I train with his assistant, Prajwal, who’s always with me. Rakesh is Salman’s trainer but monitors the workouts that I do every day,”. The actor further added “I’ve put my life and soul to get the best physique I can for the film. This industry is ruled by perception and I’m happy that the transformation has changed everyone’s outlook towards me.”
  Bobby Deol refers to Salman Khan as the angel who motivated him
Bobby Deol even reveals his fitness regime, “I exercise for one-and-a-half hours every day with weights and cardio. You need to burn the calories, fats and also gain muscles. Earlier, I used to work out, but now I’m pushing the levels.” Apart from rigorous workouts, Bobby also talks about his high protein diet “80 per cent of the transformation is because of what you consume. You need to eat the right kind of food. I cut down on my alcohol intake completely, because you can’t get fit by intoxicating yourself,” he laughs. “I eat a lot of proteins and fibre. As protein is difficult to digest, you need to have fibre, too. Occasionally, you need to have a cheat meal which gives you that extra energy.” He further reveals his favourite cheat meal and said “I am off sugar completely, except when I eat chocolates at times, because that’s my only weakness.”


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