Chandigarh has huge prospects of becoming the ‘Education City’ of India: B L Sharma


Chandigarh has huge prospects of becoming the ‘Education City’ of India, says B L Sharma, Secretary – Education, UT

Mr B L Sharma, Secretary – Education, Chandigarh Administration, opined that Chandigarh has huge potential to emerge as the ‘Education City of India’, while addressing at the Annual Conference on Rising Chandigarh: Inclusive, Sustainable, Entrepreneurial, held at Confederation of Indian Industry here today.

He highlighted that Chandigarh has a bright spot on the map of India and has done extraordinarily well in the domain of education.

“We are proud to have some of the finest colleges with a total Gross enrolment ratio of 56 per cent and a 67 per cent gross enrolment of women, which is the best in the entire country.

” He also mentioned that Chandigarh ranks 4th in terms of per capita income and to further rise up the ladder of success, all its citizens must adhere to the laws and norms and inculcate a positive outlook.

Mr Sanjay Baniwal, Director General of Police, UT Chandigarh also graced the occasion and highlighted the importance of public order to achieve industrial growth.

He said “My expectation from the industry is that they should come forward to create job opportunities for the disadvantaged sections of the society and hence realize the true essence of inclusivity.”

He also mentioned that by engaging the destitute & destructive elements of the society into constructive industrious labor and teaching them the required skills is how we can actually empower our nation.

Mr Arjun Sharma, Director – Information Technology, Chandigarh Administration informed the participants about various initiatives of his department to digitize government operations and create an integrated ecosystem where technology drives growth and development. “We are in the process of implementing Block chain in land resources of the city keeping in view the need of digitization,” said Mr Sharma.

He also acquainted the attendees about Chandigarh’s IT initiatives such as ‘e-campus solution’ for all the schools and colleges of the city that assists them in effectively maintaining data about their admissions, students, syllabus, teachers, learning outcome and much more. This initiative also received reward and recognition under the Prime Minister’s Digital India Program.

Mr Sofi Zahoor, Chairman, CII Chandigarh Council & Senior Director (India) – HR & Operations Quark Express Publishing R & D (I) Pvt. Ltd welcomed the distinguished guests to the Chandigarh State Annual Session and said that “Chandigarh is the first planned modern city of India with a  sound network of information and communication technology.”

He further said that CII has a holistic approach to envisioned development of Chandigarh into a smart and sustainable city and strives to touch upon all its aspects, including policy, industry, academia, skill enhancement, youth & women.


Mr Sachit Jain, Chairman, CII Northern Region & Vice Chairman & Managing Director Vardhman Special Steels Ltd also addressed the gathering and said that “Chandigarh has all the ingredients to develop as a role model for all other cities to follow.

” He also added that the city has done tremendously well in sectors of power, healthcare and infrastructure but a lot more can be done in the field of higher education with an aim to reduce the number of students migrating overseas to seek quality education.

Chandigarh has huge prospects of becoming the ‘Education City’ of India: B L Sharma

Mr Sarvjeet Singh Virk, Vice Chairman, CII Chandigarh Council & Managing Director, Finvasia India Pvt Ltd concluded the session by delivering a formal vote of thanks to all the dignitaries and said that only a strong academic foundation can lead to a prosperous industrial structure.


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Chandigarh has huge prospects of becoming the ‘Education City’ of India: B L Sharma

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