CRB School is getting unnecessarily harassed by the parents of their own school student



The management of CRB Public School denied any negligence on the behalf of school staff when a student of L.K.G class was unfortunately injured by getting her thumb pressed in the door (20th April) because of the windy storm that day.

The school management gave a statement about the immediate first aid given and then taking the child to the hospital as soon as possible.

CRB School is getting unnecessarily harassed by the parents of their own school student

The director of the school, Mr. Naveen Mittal told that the strong windy storm was there that day which slammed the door and unfortunately pressed the thumb of the girl standing near the door. The student was given the first aid in the school and taken to sector 16 hospital. He also told that there are CCTVs installed but there was no electricity on that day because of the storm. So no recording of that day is there. He strongly mentioned that the school takes care for the education and the well being of the students.

llegation of Negligence is total Baseless: CRB School Management

The school management believes that these types of incidents may even happen at home in the vigilance of the parents also and neither of the parents can be blamed for it. If we get scared because of such incidents then we won’t be able to organise all types of activities and sports for the students nicely which are otherwise very important for the development of children. So the school management, school teachers or the school staff if held responsible for such incidents then they won’t be able to do the needful. The school too gives lot of love and affection to its children.

Today’s press conference is to clarify the facts of the incident, how it happened and the trauma of the school also, so that no false allegations are made.


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