Dear Parents–A letter to my loved ones:Chetan Bansal, Principal, Shemrock


Dear Parents – A letter to my loved ones : Chetan Bansal, Principal, Shemrock World, Zirakpur 

This is not a general letter in which you want to send any information of the school to you. Through this letter, I want to express my feelings about my school family. A family that includes students, teachers and parents. With the God’s grace, He has entrusted me with the responsibility of heading this family.

Today I want to request you all. No, it is not for depositing fees. Today I want to talk you about that powerful family, which is very rich, well educated and mature. Every member of this family is connected with each other not only for study, but also on emotional level. I want to talk to you as the head of this special family. There are about 1000 students in my family, including more than 2000 parents, more than 100 teaching and non-teaching staff and countless school people, who work for the school.

Probably the problem of Corona, which has come in the form of an pandemic, we had already prepared to fight it. While studying the modern teaching system of the world, I found that the number of unwanted holidays in the school were increasing every year, leading to the loss of teaching days. For this reason, we created a curriculum so that our students can study at home. Because of my that decision, today we are able to teach all children properly.

I am proud that the school is able to teach the children through a regular process, with no additional and unnecessary burden. Learning is a continuous process. In such a situation, the support of the parents is commendable. Apart from me and our team, you are also responsible for the success of the school. I want to tell you that whenever there was a financial crisis in school, few of the capable parents supported me. Whenever I said that the school needed a lakh rupees or 50 thousand rupees, they always supported. So I am not worried about the financial crisis or fees. We will tackle that later. All these parents deserve congratulations. These are the members of our family, who have also been in the forefront of encouraging our teachers. With all of you, our school has become a unique school. It is the trust of all of you that makes us successful.

Right now the parents, teachers and children in our family are all passing through a difficult period. Let’s support each other. At this time, more than money, we need emotional security, encouragement and mutual cooperation. The most needed thing is encouragment, so that all the members of this family can work smoothly.

My dear children are sitting at home nowadays. They are deprived of the desire to play and run, which is their natural requirement. They are away from their friends and teachers. Then there are teachers, whose day starts with the children. They teach and keep a close watch on the students progress. Let us become a partner of these teachers, so that they keep motivating children to read and write at home.

Then there are parents, who are currently undergoing mental stress due to the lockdown. They are facing economic, social, and mental stress. Let’s stand with each other. Give each other mental strength so that everyone can do their best with full energy and enthusiasm. We are citizens of the country, where Lord Krishna had emphasized on Karma. He said, “Do your duty and leave the results to God.”

Dear Parents–A letter to my loved ones:Chetan Bansal, Principal, Shemrock

No matter how many obstacles come in our way, we should keep working without worrying about the fruits of hard work. Because karma is worship and God has to bow before karma. Let us all move forward on our path of karma. Do whatever you can for each other. Write some encouraging messages for all the teachers, so that they can do their work with full energy. Let’s motivate each other for a better future.

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