Docs visit patients to offer Diwali greetings


Docs visit patients to offer Diwali greetings: Few days ahead of Diwali, while everybody is busy in last minutes shopping and decoration, doctors at Ojas Hospital came together to share Diwali festival joy with their patients.

Docs visit patients to offer Diwali greetings

The doctors greeted patients at hospital with gifts and sweets as part of ongoing Diwali celebrations in Hospital.

The doctors from cardio, ortho, nephrology, gyne and oncology welcomed patients at OPD and wish them well for their recovery.

It was a pleasant surprise for patients to meet the doctors and exchanged pleasantries for Diwali.

A group of doctors including Dr. Anurag Sharma, Dr. Suresh Singla, Dr. Virendar Sarwal, Dr. Gagandeep Gupta also visited treated patients at their residences to give Diwali greetings to them.

Dr. Harish Gupta, CEO of Ojas Hospital said that, “To ensure that no sense of forlornness sets among its patients and their relatives, the hospital decided to extend and share festival happiness with them.”


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