Docs walk the ramp for healthy heart


Docs walk the ramp for healthy heart

The two-day celebrations of World Heart Day workshop concluded at Bestech Square Mall , Mohali today with doctors and celebrities walking the ramp to spread message on healthy heart.

The program was organsied by Dr Deepak Puri, executive director and head – cardiovascular sciences IVY Healthcare and global chairman of Cardiomersion.

On first day of workshop, a lifestyle diseases and fitness screening camp with free blood tests ECG and counselling was held. On second day today, events including health tips by medical experts, benefits of music , yoga and zumba were held .

Docs walk the ramp for healthy heart

The doctors along with their counter parts too hit ramp while carrying placards to how to make your heart healthy and fit.

Speaking during occasion, Dr Puri said that heart diseases have now emerged as the leading causes of death and illness and every year more than 17-million people die because of this. The western countries have reduced the heart disease related deaths by 50% in the last decade but in India it has risen 3-fold, he pointed out.

Unfortunately Indian are worse hit by this menace because of genetic predisposition as well as faulty  lifestyle. The disease strikes Indians at an early age almost 15-yr earlier than the western population and progresses at a faster pace . Most of the Indians who have heart attack are   between 35 to 55-yr of age while in western population they are usually above 65-yr. Indians are 20 times more at risk compared to Japanese and chances of having second heart attack and heart failure are also higher, informed Dr Puri.

Docs walk the ramp for healthy heart

Dr Puri emphasized people to adopt healthy lifestyle and remain fit from an early age so that they can enjoy a Healthy life span as 80% of lifestyle diseases are preventable by simple steps like regular walks at least 30 minutes per day 5 days a week, eat more fruits and vegetables 5 to 6 times a day, quit active smoking and prevent passive smoking , learn to combat stress by exercise/ music/dance/zumba/yoga and live healthy life .

Meanwhile Cardiomersion is a global group started by Dr Deepak Puri who organizes conferences and workshops across the globe since 2011 to spread awareness among youngsters about prevention of lifestyle diseases and promotion of fitness.

The event concluded with awards ceremony for  Mr. Cardiomersion, Miss. Cardiomersion, Mrs. Cardiomersion,1st and 2nd Runner Ups ( Each Title) & 5 best performances.



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