Dr David keeps the kidney patients off dialysis


 Less than one Dollar treatment per day to kidney patients, sounds incredible but it was made possible by Dr David W. Moskowitz (nephrologist) from USA. He is in Chandigarh not for a picnic but on a mission to get rid of kidney patients from painful and costly dialysis. He has devised his own instrumentation—GenoMed—recognized to have a number of advantages over the traditional ones in treatment of kidney patients.

               He held a meeting with the deputy commissioner, Chandigarh on Saturday and the meeting was ended with a positive note. Another meeting was arranged with Anurag Thakur, Member Parliament, Hamirpur in Himachal Pradesh at Chandigarh Press Club to discuss about his product. The meeting was ended with a positive note. If all goes well, Hamirpur will become the first across the country having this treatment for kidney patient.

              Impressed by the utility of the product,  Mr Paramjit Singh, principal director, RECD, Chandigarh proposed to install 10 GenoMed at different places in district Hamirpur, Kangra and Una.    

Dr David keeps the kidney patients off dialysis.

              While talking to Dr David said that India has an epidemic diabetes cause heart and kidney diseases.  He provides treatment at a cost of less than one dollar per day for kidney patient. He admitted that his product cost around Rs 60-70 lakhs.  Dr David is ready to work at 70:30 ratio. The company will provide GenoMed Product and infrastructure if someone ready to provide space. The income so earned will be divided into 70:30 ratio.

              Authority here seemed to be serious about preventing kidney failure. As his is the only company in the world with a care of 90 per cent success rate and he is happy to have talks with highest public health authority in India, says he.

             He further revealed that after introducing this in First World countries, he has recently turned his attention to the Third World seeing the enormity of kidney failure incidence. “Initial talks create much interest in our products,” claims Dr David and said he would make Chandigarh a health care Centre and dialysis-free in a decade.

               GenoMed was a patient-pending approach that uses a class of blood pressure pills to gently reduce excessive inflammation by patient’s own immune system. He claimed that it has achieved 100 per cent response rate so far.  It takes a month to treat kidney ailment which cost effective, he says and adds it is now plan to market its Next General Disease Management service in the region to patients with diabetes or high blood pressure main causes for heart and kidney failure across the globe.                  

             Graduated from Havard College of Oxford University founded GenoMed, a next generation disease management company. He believes it appears to be effective in an early step in 75 per cent of common diseases.

              He is the pioneer in preventive molecular medicine which was used first time in 1996. Perhaps he is the only doctor who is keeping kidney patients off dialysis.  

               Rapped up the discussion Dr David said that it was ethical on the part of a doctor to provide cheap and quality health care to a patient. Developing countries might gain first from advances in personalized medicine, less infra-structure along with fewer hospitals and dialysis units actually turned out to be an advantage as the advancement in technology enabled them to deliver.



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