Facebook wala pyaar is an Indian romantic-comedy-drama


Facebook wala pyaar is an Indian romantic-comedy-drama

Facebook wala pyaar is an Indian romantic-comedy-drama film produced by Tinku quraishi under Akki film production and directed by Narayan K Sahu (in his directorial debut) and written by Rana Abhinav Gaud.

Facebook wala pyar is going to be released theatrically on February 14, 2019 on the occasion of Valentine’s Day In all over India by Spiritual house entertainment.

Facebook wala pyaar

Raj kumar chaturvedi is guy lives in a small town Lohardaga based in Eastern part of Indian state Jharkhand.  He belongs to a middle class family and lives with his parents.

His parents insist him to get marry with girl they selected for him but he believes arrange marriage is not so cool. It’s a lifetime relationship and he won’t accept anyone who is entirely stranger to him. So he decides to have love marriage and also decides to find his soulmate himself.. But it’s little difficult to approach and spend quality time with any stranger girl socially in small town. Hence he decides to find his love through social media. He makes a facebook account and searches for her soulmate over there. But he was completely unaware of nature of social networking site and psychology of users. This story revolves around all those difficulties he has to face in finding his soulmate on facebook.


Major cast of this movie are Rahul Bagga, Nancy thakker, Priya sindhu, Manmohan tiwari, Rajesh sharma, Akhilendra mishra, Sheetal athani and Jishaan. Most of actors who worked in this film are originally  inhabitant of jharkhand 

Facebook wala pyaar is an Indian romantic-comedy-drama

which shows this film closer to reality. Real locations and native mannerisms of characters provide a humorous edge to this film what spins the viewers from the beginning.


Raja Pandit’s music is very harmonious and it fits perfectly on the surroundings and culture of Jharkhand. 

 Sonu nigam, Ankit tiwari, Aman trikha, sonu kakkar and Shreya Ghoshal have given their voice to songs featured in film. 

Facebook wala pyaar is an Indian romantic-comedy-drama

Collective efforts of choreographer Raju khan and Music director Raja Pandit get succeed in creating charismatic effect in every song what compel viewers to mumble all these songs after leaving the theatre.



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