Fortis becomes tricity’s first hospital to install Organic Community Composters


Fortis becomes tricity’s first hospital to install Organic Community Composters: Fortis Hospital Mohali has become the first hospital in the tricity to Go Green by installing Organic Community Composters that will take care of all their wet waste at source and treat it into Compost.


Fortis Hospital, Mohali has always been at the forefront in sensitizing general public regarding social concerns and in giving back to the society. To further take this initiative forward and to spread awareness regarding alarming rate of pollution, the hospital has come up with “Go Green” initiative. Fortis Hospital has launched the project in collaboration with Chandigarh Daily Dump and installed AAGA, which is an environment-friendly, innovative and aesthetic product that can compost all your wet waste.

Fortis becomes tricity’s first hospital to install Organic Community Composters

Mr. Ashish Bhatia R-COO, N&E, Fortis Healthcare said, “In view of the increasing levels of pollution we must adopt measures which can help control it. At Fortis Healthcare, we are committed to adopting environment-friendly solutions so as to preserve the environment for generations to come. Our collaboration with Chandigarh Daily Dump is a step in this direction.’’

Fortis becomes tricity’s first hospital to install Organic Community Composters

He added, ‘’Composting helps prevent global warming by reducing emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas which gets produced when organic waste decomposes when buried in landfill sites. Along with that, the compost generated controls soil erosion, improves vitamin and mineral content in food, reduces water demands of plants, balances the pH level of soil, it promotes healthy plants; and it reduces the use of pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers, which are extremely harmful to the environment.’’ Composting food waste, and returning this compost to fields and gardens, allows us to return nutrients to the soil banks that feed us, said Mr. Bhatia.

Awarded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi under the recently held Swachh Entrepreneurship Awards AAGA, is an environment-friendly, innovative and aesthetic product can convert into compost all the wet kitchen waste including the leftovers.

Jyoti Arora and Diksha Suri from Vatama Solutions, providing waste management solutions, are on a mission to create awareness on taking care of the wet waste at source. Their endeavour is to change the public mindset on waste, train people to segregate the waste, recycle it to Black Gold i.e; nutrient rich compost and plough it back it into its source – the Earth.

Fortis becomes tricity’s first hospital to install Organic Community Composters

With more than 1500 installation all over India, they offer affordable, effective, natural and simple solutions, products and services, to manage waste through windrow composting, aerobic composting and pit composting. They strongly feel that an approach of decentralised waste management is the key to make out city into a 7-star rating city.

The salient features of AAGA organic community composters, that it does not cause bad odour, and no power is required. They can be kept indoor or outdoor and are weather-proof. With this solution, Hospital can change the waste into resource at the source and start a journey of making the world a safer, cleaner and cooler place.                 

About Fortis Hospital Mohali

Fortis Hospital Mohali is a 355 bed, JCI and NABH-certified, multispecialty care hospital. The hospital commenced operations in 2001, and is today considered one of the most recognized cardiac hospitals of India. Located in the heart of Punjab over 8.22 acres, the tertiary hospital has a comprehensive team of clinicians delivering world-class patient care, supported by advanced technology. In July 2014, Fortis Hospital Mohali added the 55-bed ‘Fortis Cancer Institute’ on its premises to offer the latest and most comprehensive Medical, Surgical and Radiation Therapy modalities.

About Fortis Healthcare Limited:

Fortis Healthcare Limited is a leading integrated healthcare delivery service provider in India. The healthcare verticals of the company primarily comprise hospitals, diagnostics and day care specialty facilities. Currently, the company operates its healthcare delivery services in India, Dubai, Mauritius and Sri Lanka with 45 healthcare facilities (including projects under development), approximately 10,000 potential beds and 368 diagnostic centres.




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