Gang of vehicle lifters arrested


In a major breakthrough the Crime Branch of Chandigarh Police under the supervision of DSP Pawan Kumar team headed by Inspector Amanjot Singh is able to arrest a gang of vehicle lifters comprising of seven persons who are involved in auto lifting from Chandigarh & Delhi.

Profile of accused.

  1. Harpreet Singh @ Smarty S/o Sh. Dhanwant Singh R/o Skynet Tower Zirakpur, Distt. Mohali and # 429/7, Jatan Wala Chountra, Patiala,PB age 27 years.


  1. Inderjit Singh @ Ricky S/o Sh. Avtar Singh R/o Vill. Chotta Surtapur, Distt. Ropar, PB age 27 years.


  1. Virender Pal Singh S/o Sh. Gurpal Singh R/o Gali No. 2 Jyoti Nagar near Kheda Karnal, HR age 30 years.


  1. Javed Akhtar S/o Farukh Ahmad R/o 405, Mohalla Purva, Fariyad Ali, Meerut, UP age 48 years.


  1. Dilawar S/o Sh. Jagdish R/o # 1/5346, Balbir Nagar Extention, Sadra, Delhi-32 Delhi age 59 years.


  1. Abdul Aziz S/o Sh. Abdul Razaq R/o # 240, Mohalla Jalikot, Near Koti Attanash, PS- Delhi Gate, Meerut, UP age 59 years.


  1. Mohd. Asif S/o Mehrazjudeen R/o 57, Sangam Vihar Vazirabad, Delhi age 40 years.

On 18.10.18 accused Harpreet Singh @ Smarty and Inderjit Singh @ Ricky who are involved in cases of vehicle lifting were arrested from Distt. Court Sec-43, Chandigarh. Further on the interrogation of accused Harpreet Singh @ Smarty and Inderjit Singh @ Ricky, five more accused namely Virender Pal Singh, Javed Akhtar, Dilawar, Abdul Aziz and Mohd. Asif were also arrested. On further interrogation and investigation total 10 cases of vehicle lifting were worked out.

The cases solved with their arrest are as under:

Sr. No. FIR /Date U/S PS State Property recovered
310/04.09.18 379,411 IPC 34 Chandigarh Two cars
317/23.10.18 473,411 IPC 11 Chandigarh. Car
322/30.10.18 473,411 IPC 11 Chandigarh Car
209/30.10.18 473,411 IPC 03 Chandigarh Three car
01/01.01.18 379,411 IPC 34 Chandigarh Car
169/11.08.18 379,411 IPC 03 Chandigarh Activa
349/16.8.18 379,411 IPC MM Chandigarh Activa
278/05.06.18 379, 411 IPC MM Chandigarh Activa
116/03.10.17 379,411 IPC 19 Chandigarh Activa
251/21.08.18 379,411 IPC IA Chandigarh Motor Cycle


Modus operandi

Accused Harpreet Singh @ Smarty Inderjit Singh @ Ricky, Virender Pal Singh, Javed Akhtar, Dilawar, Abdul Aziz and Mohd. Asif all are members of auto lifting gang and known to each other. All seven of them used to commit vehicle lifting from Chandigarh, Delhi , Punjab & Haryana and further sell these vehicles in UP to scrap dealers. They have admitted to have stolen almost 30 vehicles from Delhi, Punjab & Haryana out of which 14 have been recovered and the rest of the vehicle they have sold in Meerut UP and which were stolen from Delhi.

Other Crimes

Accused Harpreet Singh @ Smarty, Inderjit Singh @ Ricky and Dilawar have a tainted past. Harpreet Singh @ Smarty was earlier arrested by Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh & Delhi Police and Inderjit Singh @ Ricky was arrested by Punjab Police and Dilawar was arrested earlier by Delhi Police. All these accused are in judicial custody.  

Issued by

Chandigarh Police


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