Grand Opening OF 4th Global Literary Festival


Grand Opening OF 4th Global Literary Festival.

Literature Itself, The Very Powerful, “Need not worry about the technology but we have to preserve our traditions & culture for Surrey.   IT was the Biggest Strength OF OUR country, “said Sandeep Marwah, Director Marwah Studios while inaugurating the Forth Global Literary Festival. Our cinema is playing An Important Role to Promote Our Literature.

On this occasion, Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment Ramdas Athawale, Ambassador of Mongolia to India Gonchig Gunbold, Ambassador of the Republic of Venezuela Augusto Montreal, Former Governor of Chhattisgarh KM Seth, Writer Bharti Pradhan & Writer Asgar Wajahat present there. On this occasion Minister Ramdas Athawale was honored with Atal Bihari Vajpayee National Award

Grand Opening OF 4th Global Literary Festival

HE Augusto Montreal said I am very happy with this kind of festivals. The whole world needs peace and without knowing literature & culture of each other countries we do N’t Get grinding so globally.

Many writers, publishers, poets from all over India and abroad attended the inauguration.

Literature is like oxygen in our lives

AB awarded Ramdas Athavale Vajpayee National Award

Literature itself is very powerful

Literature without whose gift it to our life we can not imagine life or saying simply works of oxygen in our lives. We have any artist whether author, songwriter, make a painter, had her work in terms of choice is not a religion or color differences, which literature is very powerful in itself is Trashta say Marwah Studios held fourth Global Literary Festival of Noida writerAsghar Wajahat at the inauguration.

On the occasion of Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Ramdas Athavale, the Ambassador of India to Mongolia Goncig Gnbold, Ambassador Augusto Montial in India, Venezuela,former Chhattisgarh governor   A. M. Seth, author Bharti head appeared.

Grand Opening OF 4th Global Literary Festival

Spending on the occasion Ramdas Athavale said that much of our literature is that the capital of our lives do much increases our Hindi as vast literature as a grand gesture of our poets, writers, too vast. The event director Sandeep Marwah of Marwah Studios today we are discussing here it will not become a Google or book and the students who will receive it, he could create a new literature. The promotional literature cinema has not done more than any other region.

Grand Opening OF 4th Global Literary Festival

Ambassador Augusto Montial said I was delighted to attend the ceremony. Today needs peace to the whole world and peace can come only when the country about another country’s culture and literature. Ambassador Goncig Gnbold said Indian culture is as modern Indian writers is very spacious and modern writers as get nowhere.

The occasion was the minister awarded Athavale the Atal Bihari Vajpayee National Award, as well as Ashok Kumar book Halder The Daiwarsifaa Life Journey of Human Beings, writing a book on her head actress Priyanka Chopra Dark Horse and Jitendra Prasad Saxena of the Zenith book release also.

Celebration of the first day to present literature from many states of India and expressed their views. Several seminars, workshops, street theater on this occasion, has organized several cultural programs by students as well as poetry, painting exhibition in foreign languages.


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