GuruKul School student Taekwondo Champion Anshuman Honoured


GuruKul School Sector 20 Boy Taekwondo Champion Anshuman Honoured Chandigarh 17th August 2018

Anshuman was honoured at the 72nd Independence Day Celebrations by the Haryana government for his outstanding achievements in sports.
Born on 15th April 2008, Anshuman always displayed early signs of coming times even as a toddler. A very calm, docile and obedient child since birth, Anshuman always had a special liking for Martial Arts.
Anshuman, a student of class 5, The Gurukul, Sector-20  Panchkula is extremely thankful to his School Principal and teachers for all their help, support and encouragement.
Inexpressible is the pride that Anshuman takes in informing the name of his school – The Gurukul, Sector-20 Panchkula., is known in his school for his gentle nature, good manners, obedient behavior and eager readiness to learn new things apart from having extra ordinarily beautiful handwriting and has many achievements in extracurricular activities to his credit. Anshuman also has a keen eye for photography and does not miss any opportunity to click pictures. Swimming is another passion of Anshuman and he relishes diving into the swimming pool.
GuruKul School student Taekwondo Champion Anshuman Honoured
Anshuman has a very impressive and long tally of Medals and has a continuous winning streak for last two years including winning International, National and State level competitions. Most recent wins of the year 2018 are One Gold, One Silver and one bronze medal in Chandigarh Taekwondo Cup Championship 2018 held on 12 May 2018; Two Gold Medals and one Silver Medal in Rkay Open Taekwondo Championship 2018 held on 06 May 2018. Anshuman is a regular participant in International and National Training Seminars
Success hasn’t come easy …. the dedication, hard work and above all the passion to excel in Taekwondo makes Anshuman go through a daily grueling regimen of one and a half hours of strenuous training.  On returning home from school, Anshuman gets only an hour to change dress, eat and rest. When other children of his age sleep after eating, Anshuman is busy packing his kit of guards with a zest that cannot be described. Anshuman has to adhere to a strict healthy nutritious diet omitting any kind of fast food. Enjoying soft drinks and sweets is a rare distant dream.
Anshuman remains indebted to his beloved mother for all the hard work she undergoes and the never ending chores ensuring he remains in best of health, maintains perfect weight and gets to utilize his time in a very productive way. It is worth mentioning here that Anshuman has to follow a strict study session once his Taekwondo training is over in the evening. Anshuman says his mother never compromises on his academic front and wonders from where does she get the immense amount of energy? Anshuman is thankful to his grandparents too for all the time and efforts they so graciously put in ensuring that Anshuman reaches his training sessions on time.
Anshuman has a burning desire to join the Indian Air Force as a pilot and serve his mother land in uniform, guarding the blessed skies of our country apart from representing India internationally.
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