Himachal Pensioners attend talk on lungs problems


Himachal Pensioners attend talk on lungs problems

As many as 110 members of Himachal Pensioners Welfare Association, Panchkula attended an Ojas Hospital’s health talk on ‘How to avoid lung problems’ at a hotel here on Sunday.

In talk, Dr Sunny Virdi Consultant-Pulmonology , Ojas Hospital gave tips on how to deal with the chronic lungs problems which could be life threatening if not treated on time.

He said that in India about 5.50-lakh people die of this disease. COPD is preventable and treatable disease but no permanent cure is available.

It is mainly  caused by smoking bidi, cigarette  chewing tobacco besides air pollution caused due to burning of cow dung for cooking and heating purposes, he remarked.

The smokers’ life is shortened by 10-yr as compare to non-smoker. Each cigarette decreases life by 11-minute. One puff of smoke contain 7000 chemicals and 69 types  of cancer causing substances, maintained Dr Virdi.

Smoking not only causes lung cancer but it also leads to cancers of mouth,throat, stomach, kidney and urinary bladder, he said.

Dr. Virdi emphasized that half of the patients are not aware that they are suffering from  COPD as they ignore cough and breathlessness as simple smoker cough and breathlessness as aging changes.

Himachal Pensioners attend talk on lungs problems

He also  elaborated the benefits of inhalers  in the treatment  of asthma and COPD during talk.


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