How To Decode Retinoids


Gaurika Sharma 

Over the years retinoids (a class of chemical compounds that are vi-tamers of vitamin A or are chemically related to it). Have become a a must- have for beauty enthusiasts.Such is the popularity of retinoids that it has been hailed has a cure-all for skin problems such as pigmentation,acne and wrinkles. We got in touch with dermatologist Dr. Suruchi Puri and Madhuri Agarwal, who gave us the low -down on it.

How To Decode Retinoids


According to experts,they can be defined as tropical or oral products that are derived from or related to Vitamin A. They first came into existence in 1971,in the US.


They work by increasing the production of collagen and by stimulating the blood vessels in the skin,which leads to skin regeneration. This means that over a period, one tends to get a new skin. Retinoids  also prevents the formation of pimples and acne.


According to experts despite all the benefits of retinoids, it does have side effects that need to be kept in mind.Experts suggest that since this cream is an over the counter product, which means you can buy it without a prescription, people tend to use it without supervision.However do  not forget that its a skin supplement, hence one should use it only under the supervision of a dermatologist.Also, its better if you start using it n a milder derivative.Apply in the night after washing the face. Go gently and slowly so that your skin can get time to get used to it.It is preferable avoid applying cream in the morning and go in the sun as been exposed can give allergic reaction known as retinoid  dermatitis. IF you are using the cream then opt for a moisturizer and sunscreen.


Initially retinoids can cause redness to the skin.since retinoids lead to an increased turnover of the kin cells,it can cause flaking,dry skin and itching.Experts also strongly advise not to use the cream during pregnancy as it can harm the fetus.


According to experts, retinoid is a skin supplement and, ideally, should be taken if your diet does not contain vitamin A. One should consume papaya,eggs,mangoes and carrots on a regular basis to get vitamin a naturally.And opt for natural skin supplements such as aloe Vera  and green tea extract for skin. However,experts also state that benefits of the long-term disciplined use of retinoids are more compared to a diet rich in vitamin a .










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