How to Improve your mental wellness


How to Improve your mental wellness

One should give Himself priority:- Self care is the new empowerment. While we grapple with the growing mental health crisis, it is high time that we priorities self love and self compassion.As most of the psychology studies attest self love along with compassion is the key to strong mental health.

Self care is the new empowerment. While we grapple with the growing mental health crisis

Practising self love is not about bein self absorbed or being narcissistic, it is like following a subtel way to get in touch with inner self, your happiness and your well being.

it is basically the act of looking after yourself, both physically and mentally, So, you are able to push through your limiting beliefs and live a life that truly shines.

No matter how many lists you make or goals you set, things are still going to get stressful and busy. it is scientifically proven that hitting the pause button in your life has some incredible health benefits that far out weight anything you think you might miss out on.

Trust me, you’ll feel refreshed which will ultimately double your productivity. That said, if you still can’t take time to fly on a vacation there are things you can do even in the most jam-packed days like incorporating mindfulness. Try to absorb the idea of being in the present by taking a break from all the distractions with a kind heart and an open mind. You can incorporate mindfulness in your daily activities by bringing a wave of awareness and compassion to the things that you are already occupied with such as during your commute or gym time or even while eating a meal. Devoting a few moments to fully focus on a task at hand can work wonders of your mental health.

You can try beginning each day with a five-minute mindfulness meditation session. If you find helpful and want to go further then you can choose to opt for therapy to unravel a lifelong pattern hire a personal trainer or make time for reading.


exercising may be the last thing you want to do when you’re on your downer or feeling overly stressed, but experts recommend that exercising in one of the finest yet most powerful ways to boost your mental health. It is imperative to exercise 15-30 minutes three days a week in order to manage stress and anxiety .

Sure working out can be time consuming but your chosen form of exercise doesn’t necessarily have to be physical can bean emotional and spiritual one too.


An adjustment to your everyday vocabulary both in your thoughts and loud can very well improve your mental health.

It may sound trite to you but looking on the bright side of everything really does matter.



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