Infertility issues: ISAR Chandigarh Chapter is here to help


Infertility issues: ISAR Chandigarh Chapter is here to help

Providing the much needed ray of hope to hundreds of childless couples in the region, Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction (ISAR) today launched its Chandigarh Chapter.

In a gala event held here, the Chapter was initiated by Rajya Sabha MP Pratap Singh Bajwa in the presence of Dr. Nandita Palshetkar (President Elect-FOGSI, Vice-President of ISAR, Ex-President – IAGE & MOGS) and Dr Hrishikesh Pai (Imm. Former Secretary General- FOGSI, Member – Board of Directors of IFFS, Ex-President – ISAR, IAGE & MOGS).

Founder Chairperson of Chandigarh Chapter Dr GK Bedi and Founder Secretary Dr Pooja Mehta also graced the event.

Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction is the oldest organisation for specialists in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology since its establishment in 1991 in Hisar. Ever since, it has grown from strength to strength with over 3000 members and 19 state chapters, including gynaecologists and embryologists.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Nandita informed, “ISAR conducts many large conferences and focused workshops across India to reach out to maximum number of specialists, offering training and mentoring of young people who are specialising in the field of ART.

Regular newsletters are being published and ISSR brings out respective journals from time to time in super specialised topics”.

This first launch educational program was organised in association with Fortis Bloom IVF Centre where a two-day workshop was conducted and ISAR certified course was given to more than 150 doctors.

Shedding more light Dr. Hrishikesh Pai said “We had a lot of excellent lectures coupled with live video demonstration of ART techniques such as IVF iCSI vitrification semen preparation etc. Burning issues such as implementation of pcpndt act, as well as the art bill was discussed in detail by experts in the field.

Many eminent faculties from all over India shared their knowledge and expertise. The main objective of this course is to enable the participants to be well versed with reproductive endocrinology, ovarian stimulation, male factor infertility and art”.

Meanwhile, Dr. G. K. Bedi highlighted that behind India’s booming population is another story of declining fertility rates and desperate couples. “Couples, whose lives are wrecked with social pressures and guilt of not being able to procreate.

ISAR, one of the largest organizations, trains, motivates, educates and orients doctors in this evolving field of infertility. We are indeed proud to have an ISAR chapter in Chandigarh today,” said Dr. Bedi.

Infertility issues: ISAR Chandigarh Chapter is here to help

Reiterating ISAR’s motive Dr. Pooja Mehta said, “Breaking boundaries, creating families….. The ISAR Chandigarh chapter is here to help you tide over various infertility situations.”


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