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In a society which does not respect women is similar to the human monsters: Digvijay



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In a society which does not respect women is similar to the human monsters: Digvijay

Women’s Day and seminars on by Inso old embryo killing
Kurukshetra, Inso Singh Chautala said the president does not respect the human being women is similar to that monster. Today, women are not behind men in any field. The country’s women to showcase their talents in the Olympic Games, the world-being is their strength. Women in society, yet despite not getting the respect that they deserve it. girls always took the turns. Given responsibilities in the organization of the women are always equal. Kurukshetra University Students Home on Wednesday on the occasion of Women’s Day seminar this week in embryonic death was addressing as chief.
Speaking to a large number of students arrived at the seminar said that the course of the country, Prime Minister Singh Chautala of Panipat in 2015 to save the daughters of earth Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao was called for. But more than a year on the passage of time has not changed the situation in the country today. Today, women are not seen by the eye of honor. No concrete steps have been taken about their safety. Even today women players like Malik to witness the glory of his voice to suffer is right. Not only as the Gurmehr Kaur Ldkhi arrangement raises questions about the entire government is stacked against him. Central and state government Geetaa Brikbri things about cows and women’s empowerment, but have no effect on the ground. He called for organizing women for their rights.
Inso leader said that as long as women do not come forward and join hands by then, he will not honor which he deserves. He said that Punjab Univॢsti Inso 8 contesting since 2004. They have won 7 times girls. He has always respected women from the beginning Dal. Ch. Devi Lal, many women in their time Chandrawati election contest in politics as well as they need to come forward and ego played in Jitwane. He Kailaso former Chief Minister Om Prakash Chautala also made two-time MP Saini did not just send in parliament but a number of women in politics, provided an opportunity to come forward. He assured the students that the leadership potential of girls to come forward, Dal politics every stage, from the organization to pursue them and they will work to get recognition. Dal has always sacrifices for the public interest. Employing people instead of giving the 82-year-old politician is serving prison today.
Inso charge prof. Randhir said Inso Chica is set to every conflict on the issue of student interests. He also calls for the students to solve problems that they come forward. Inso will make every effort to resolve their problems. Inso’s national vice president Jasvindra Singh Khaira said on Women’s Day, held this seminar in Ku arrived in large numbers of women have proved that they are with Inso. KU students Inso also promises to solve all the problems that they are willing Inso officials 24 hours. Students arrived at the seminar shared their experience with students has also come on stage. On the occasion, Singh Chautala also thrive in adversity mementoes awarded to several students. Those honored in the music department student Neha visually, Sonia and law department of the Presidential Awardee, including lugubrious. Manju Jakhar on the occasion, Himanshu Arora, Yogesh Sharma, Bikram Choudhury, Babloo mascara, Chinu Rana, Jagdeep Kaur, Renu, Simple, Wind, Summit, Gurmeet Hundl, Mohit Saini and Vishal were present.


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