International Yoga Day & World Music Day celebrated


International Yoga Day & World Music Day celebrated

An International Yoga Day and World Music Day celebrated at Rayat Bahra University, Mohali on Wednesday. The program was organized in association of Dr Deepak Puri, global chairman of Çardiomersion and a senior cardiologist at Ivy Hospital.


Among others, Dr. Daljit Singh  Vice-Chancellor of Rayat Bahra University, students and faculty  attended the program.


During occasion interactive sessions on ‘impact of life style diseases & easy way to prevent them’ by Dr Puri , ‘benefits of music therapy’ by Dr Neena Mehta and yoga sessions by Dr Tatiana an endocrinologist and yoga expert were held.


Dr Puri highlighted that yoga and music can play major role in relieving stress and generating positive environment within our body. This can help in preventing several lifestyle diseases like heart attacks, high blood pressure, depression, cancers  backache and joint problems.

International Yoga Day & World Music Day celebrated

He said, several studies conducted in the west have shown positive results but there is need for studying the medical impact by conducting randomized studies.


Dr Puri emphasized that there is a need for collaboration between clinicians and yoga as well as expert musicians to extend maximum benefits to improve physical, mental and social Health of all individuals especially youngsters 

International Yoga Day & World Music Day celebrated

Music therapy is considered as one of the best alternative, non-invasive therapies and preventive measures for various disorders today said Dr Neena adding it affects psychological, neurological and social health positively.  


Benefits of Music Therapy


         Relaxed and calmer mind 

         Integration of sensory modalities

         Focuses Mind

         Stimulating brain function to make it sharper and clearer

          Experiencing behavioral change

         Releasing unwanted emotions

         Bringing harmony during pregnancy

         Bringing Harmony between Mind-Body

         Improving from mental and physical disorders

         Overcome Physical Challenges

          Positive Neuroplasticity



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