Is freedom Just A Fantasy For You?


 Is freedom Just A Fantasy For You?

I never really fit in with all the other peeps who wanted me to follow rules and traditions and laws

There was just something inside of me that thought I did not have to do it that way,

I could forge my own path,I did forget for a long time though..

I wanted to be practical and reasonable and seen to be responsible and I thought all my big dreams were just too crazy

And I got scared, scared that I was too loopy, Scared that I was too deluded…

Scared that it was all some silly dream and I needed to wake up and realize that life was just bland boring and YUK…

Except I felt sad inside when I lived like like that…

I felt resentful of all the yes’s I said when I really wanted to say ‘no’

It was hard to get up in the morning to go do another boring, same-old day

But it felt like I had to do it

Because that is what adulthood is all about, right?!

Papa kept trying to tell me that I had choices but you know… I did not listen

Because it is alright for the big dude in the sky to think He can live outside the system but for little old me… eeeer no!

There are so many things wrong with that last statement.

SO many things… But it was what I thought.

Maybe you still think such utter nonsense…

Maybe you are still caught up in believing that you cannot have, do, be whatever you want…

So though you try a little this and that, you mostly run back to ‘safety’ and stay between the lines…

Freedom, true freedom feels like a fantasy

You have be an adult, right?




And getting stucker as you keep obeying the nonsensical rules which keep you bound up in a life you do not love!

The Divine within you, whispers to you that life can be different but you do not listen

Faith is something you sing about and pretend to have on Sunday or whatever day it is that you visit your religious organisation but it is not practical in real life, is it?

Well, honey, your choice

You could have a freedom life that makes you feel amazing and yes, there will be a need to have faith at the start that you can create the life you desire…

Or you can have this very predictably average and boring life.



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