ivhSeniorCare brings care solutions to elderlies of Punjab and Haryana


ivhSeniorCare brings care solutions to elderlies of Punjab and Haryana

  • Punjab& Haryana among top 10 in terms of the proportion of elderly people in its population
  • Physical and mental health challenges increase in elderly population living alone
  • ivhSeniorCare announces care solutions for elderly population of Haryana and Punjab

Anju Ramani, 73 years old, had a fall in the bathroom making her bedridden for weeks. Her son, 45 year old Suresh, settled in the US, had arranged for a maid to take care of his mother. However, lack of specialized care resulted in bedsores further decreasing the quality of life of Ms Ramani. This case study may resonate with many people who have relocated to different cities or even countries leaving their elderly parents behind.

ivhSeniorCare brings care solutions to elderlies of Punjab and Haryana

NRIs often find it difficult to arrange a professional care service for their parents back home and rely on domestic help.  Lack of professional care results in decreased quality of life and sometimes even result in irreversible health complications. As per 2011 census, Punjab ranks fourth in term of proportion (10.3%) of elderly in its population and Haryana is also catching up with a proportion of 8.7%.1 The elderly population in these states is set to rise in future as India is expected to have 340 million elders by 2050. The states’ elderly population is also expected to reflect the Chandigarh elderly population as the capital is gaining popularity among people as a retirement city. The highest per capita income, well versed medical facilities, and its proximity to NCR have played a pivotal role in its popularity among retirees.  

ivhSeniorCare brings care solutions to elderlies of Punjab and Haryana

Dr.ManreetKahlon, Chief Operations Officer IVH SeniorCare, said, “Punjab is one of the top exporters of NRIs in India. People often send their children to pursue education and career in foreign countries, which creates a care gap for the elderly population. IVH SeniorCare is committed to close this gap and runs one of India’s largest programs with support from Care Managers Network of Ex-Defence Personnel wherein we depute Care Managers who are our well trained Faujis (who retired as Jawans&JCOs at the age of 37-42 years).We build capacities for them to work as a one point family support managers for our customers who start trusting them as much more empathetic, skilled, trustworthy & dependable caretakers. This Care Manager provides them a fully fledged Social Concierge & a robust module of Healthcare concierge which majorly includes Home Healthcare services & Drs & Hospitals support program run by our India Virtual Hospital (IVH)— http://www.indiavirtualhospital.com.”  Talking about a client in Bengaluru, Dr.Kahlon added, “Ms. Anita* 83, was homebound for the past 4 -5 years because she did not have someone trustworthy to go with her. After joining us, she developed the trust bond with our care manager and attended family function- her first in the past 4 years.  Such heartwarming stories are the idea and motivation behind IVH SeniorCare.”

SeniorCare 24×7 IVH Care
  • Companionship for lonely elders
  • Travel assist to hospitals or social gatherings
  • Specialized Nursing care
  • Physiotherapy services
  • Informed decision making
  • Second Medical opinion
  • Patient journey concierge
  • Recovery and rehabilitation assistant

India has always been a state of high family and social values in which the family always acted as the fulcrum for old age care. Robust economic growth and societal modernization toward nuclear families disrupted the fulcrum at such a speed that neither the society nor the healthcare system got any time to prepare for it.  The society was caught off guard and the feeling of loneliness started to rise in the elderly that later transformed as elderly depression.

Dr. PC Rai, Health Advisor IVH SeniorCare, said,“Aging results in profound changes in the human body that reflects as decreased efficiency in activities of daily living. Healthcare is a huge challenge in old age and going to hospitals for regular check-ups becomes a tedious task. For the elderly living alone, the life becomes more challenging as they lack a reliable resource to help them with their activities of daily living and traveling.  Another rising concern is impact of age and loneliness on mental health of senior citizens living alone. As per WHO, around 21.9% elderlypopulation suffers from depression in India and, elderly with depression are 4 times more likely to die of heart attack and stroke2.”



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