Jobs for New Fathers in Chandigarh City


Jobs for New Fathers in Chandigarh City

The welcoming of a new child is an incredible experience, but the months after can be challenging. The mother usually stays at home to care for the child, but if you have other children or your wife needs more care, it’s often necessary for the husband to stay at home too. In this case, it can be difficult to earn enough money to care for your new family and simultaneously have the freedom to stay at home and help your wife and children.

Jobs for New Fathers in Chandigarh City

Working as a New Father

The internet has made being a new father far easier than before. No longer do you need to leave home to earn a great salary; you can work from the comfort of your own home where you can assist your wife and spend time with your new child. So-called “virtual” or “remote” work is becoming increasingly common in India with more employers than ever before working in technology.

Jobs for New Fathers in Chandigarh City

Freelance Writing from Home

One such job which gives new parents incredible amounts of freedom while still earning fantastic money is freelance writing. Freelance writers either work for themselves, picking up jobs from freelancing platforms such as Upwork, or they work for a writing agency like Word Agents.

For a new parent working as a writer, the agency environment is ideal because it reduces your workload. As an agency writer, you’ll only be expected to write; you will never have to sell to clients or communicate with them directly. Freelance writers can earn more than 700 Rupee per hour if they are talented, efficient and produce high-quality work. For a worker in Chandigarh City, this is a fantastic wage, especially considering that you can work from home.

Jobs for New Fathers in Chandigarh City

Virtual Business Assistant

Many Indians are also working as virtual business assistants, completing tasks online for companies around the world who need help with time-consuming tasks. These jobs often include spreadsheet work, data finding, and internet research. Many of these tasks can be completed with no experience, and they only require a diligent and hardworking employee.

Software Programmer and Developer

If you’re a higher skilled worker, who is willing to train as a software programmer you can charge far more for your time and bring in upwards of 2000 Rupee per hour as an experienced software programmer. However, these jobs are challenging and will require many months of studying and practicing to acquire the necessary skills to work as a freelance software developer or programmer.


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