Kasauli: A perfect family destination


Kasauli: A perfect family destination

As exquisite as the mountain state of Himachal Pradesh is, every corner has some treasure hidden in its hearts. While some places might look humble and not so touristy, there’s no reason that you cannot have great family time at such quaint locales. Kasauli is one such small hamlet, perfect for a quick vacation with your family. Sitting on the southern edges of the state, tucked between Kalka and Shimla, Kasauli is aptly the gateway to Himachal, giving you a preview of what you can expect as you keep moving further into the state.


Reaching there

Chandigarh is the biggest city closest to Kasauli. You can either travel directly from Chandigarh, or from Delhi if you are flying over from other cities/towns. You can book a cab directly from Delhi airport to Chandigarh. The distance between Chandigarh and Kasauli is only 58 KM and takes less than two hours. On the way, you will cross other tourist locales like Kalka and Parwanoo, where you can stop and do a quick local tour. You can even make a day trip and return on the same day. But for a more wholesome hilly experience, we recommend that you stay in the town for a day or two. And once you reach, it gets difficult to get over its charm.

Being a hill town, and yet not at a high altitude, Kasauli is perfect to visit any time of the year. But if you are looking for a quiet time with your near and dear ones, then avoid peak tourist seasons. Also, to capture the town in its most exquisite form, spring is the best time to explore.

Exploring Kasauli

The hilly hamlet of Kasauli is naturally scenic and culturally rich. For your visual delight, you have the beautiful landscape of the Shivalik Range, and for your experience, you can dive into the town’s culture defined by its colonial heritage.

Do a local sightseeing tour, stopping at the lovely colonial-era houses, orchards, the Christ Church – a British-era church with clock tower, famous for Gothic architecture, among other interesting places in town. If classic liquor interests you, then a trip to the Kasauli Brewery might be a place to explore. It is one of the oldest scotch distilleries in Asia and offers tours for alcohol enthusiasts. You can book a reliable and licensed taxi in Chandigarh and plan a tour package, wherein you can plan your travel and do such local tours in Kasauli.

Take a long walk down the Gilbert Trail. This famous nature trail passes through hills, flanked by forests of pine, horse chestnut, and Himalayan oak. The 1.5 KM of dirt road starts from the Lover’s Lane and passes along rocky cliffs. However, since the winding roads are narrow can overlook deep ravines, we recommend that you explore this only in the dry season. 

If you are a family with a taste of adventurous, then a day trek might be an exciting thing to do together. Most treks start at the Lower Mall Road and go up to the best spots around town, like the Sunset Point, Manki, Jabli. Depending on your time, and how much you can walk, you can choose your trek zone. But no matter where you go, the awe-inspiring vistas of the lofty hills, the winding trail, and the pleasant weather, are sure to revitalize you. 


Take a toy train ride down the hilly slopes. This is the perfect thing to do when you are traveling with children. The fun of riding down the narrow tracks as the mountains and forests pass by can only come from a train ride. The train runs from Kasauli to Dharampur, and then all the way to Barog, for about 10 KM. The track passes through tunnels, pine forests, mountains gorges, and tiny villages on the way, making you enjoy every frame of the views from your coach window. The toy train has been declared as a World Heritage site by UNESCO and is worth a ride. Look out for the longest tunnel on this route around Barog, which lasts three minutes long. The train timings are subject to change daily. Check with local station authorities for an updated schedule.

At the end of a long but fun-filled day, treat your taste buds and eyes with a touch of Tibetan culture. The lower Mall Road is a hub of Tibetan shops and restaurants. Browse through the eclectic collection of handcrafted goods, souvenirs, woolen wear, and an array of mountain fruits like apricots, plums, and peaches, sourced from local orchards. You might also find small shops selling locally-made wines made of peaches, plums, apples, or black grapes. Don’t forget to try traditional Tibetan food like Sidu, poppy seeds Halwa, and Madara. Also try the Kasauli-famous Band Samosa, a stuffed bun with chhole and chutney

Kasauli: A perfect family destination

Charming and mesmerizing it a unique way, Kasauli lets you experience Himachal Pradesh at its simplest best, sans the mainstream commercialization. For your next family holiday, look no further and plan a quick getaway to this lovely hamlet.




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