Laparoscopic surgery boon for cancer patients; Expert



 “Laparoscopic surgery is commonly called minimally invasive surgery because it involves 3-4 smaller holes than traditional open surgery. Incisions are typically 0.5-1 cm, compared with several inches for open surgery.”

This was stated by Dr Vijay Bansal, senior consultant and oncologist surgeon at Ivy Hospital, Mohali today.

He said that advantages of laparoscopic surgery over open surgery include shorter recovery time, less pain, less scarring, less chances of hernia formation, early return to normal activities, shorter hospital stay, decreased risk of infection.

Every cancer is as unique as the person fighting it. In this era of precision medicine, with treatment advances evolving on a regular basis, fighting cancer requires truly personalized care, delivered by experts trained in the complexities of a difficult disease, said Dr Bansal.

For cancer patients, laparoscopic approach is highly helpful to decrease the incision length, and reduce the morbidity associated with major surgeries. These patients are able to cope up with laparoscopic surgeries really faster, said Dr Bansal.

Meanwhile Dr Bansal is one of the few oncologist surgeons in country who are doing exclusive laparoscopic surgeries for various cancers especially foodpipe (esophagus), stomach,uterus, cervix and intestines.




  1. […] Yes, cancer is preventable like so many other diseases e.g.Diabetes ,high B.P , Heart disease or Infectious diseases. Generally cancer is considered a dreadful disease which leads to lot of suffering and pain and inevitable death. However ,outlook is no longer so bleak with recent advances in diagnosis and available treatment. This has lead to early detection and even cure in  certain cancers. Now we have large no. of cancer survivors and cured patients. […]


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