Mamta Banerjee is the Ravana of Kaliyuga today –Urjaa Guru Arihant Rishi


Mamta Banerjee is the Ravana of Kaliyuga today Urjaa Guru Arihant Rishi

Urjaa Guru Arihant Rishi Ji Maharaj, the beloved disciple of Mahamana Acharya Shri Kushagranandiji, demanded the government to ‘declare Ujjain as the holy city‘ on Monday at a press conference held at Hotel Samay, Vaswani Plaza, Freeganj, Ujjain. Ha said that if the damand is ignored, then the movement will be the only way. He lambasted on Ms. Mamta Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal, who has banned the Ramnavami procession in West Bengal. Urjaa Guru Arihant Rishi, who reached the city of Mahakal on Monday, said, “Those who stop the procession of Ramnavmi and who make politics in the name of Rama are prasing Ravana, even after born in India, and the Mamta Banerjee, who is trying to stop Shriram’s procession is nothing] but the incarnation of Ravana in Kaliyuga today.”

He further said, “The Chief Minister of West Bengal should also remember that the way Hanuman ji’s Vanara Sena had conquered Lanka, the same way, we will also demolish her Lanka.”Besides, UrjaaGuru also confronted the Bhim Army founder Chandrasekhar Ravana. During the interaction with journalists, he said“Today, the country needs such youth who talk about Ram, dream of establishing Ramrajya and step out to realize it. But some people have a passion to put the word Ravana with their name. After suffixing such words, they begin to understand themselves a Mahatma. But they should remember that there is no existence of Ravana, and Shriram is such a cultural  great man whose name is known throughout the world.”

During the press conference, he mentioned about the raid by the Income Tax department in Madhya Pradesh and also demanded strict actions against such leaders whose benami property have been seized from their houses and premises. According to the Urjaa Guru“we should have more concerns with the money deposited with leaders who have betrayed the innocent people of the country. Urjaa Guru believes that if the black money left out to the leaders comes out, then no government would have to make a false promise of giving 1.5 million to the country.”


Urjaa Guru, who has been demanding Ujjain to be declared as the holy city for the long time, has urged the Madhya Pradesh government to take a quick look at this matter. For this, a letter has also been sent to Chief Minister Kamal Nath. According to Urjaa Guru, if the administration of the state does not take any positive action on this, then it will be made huge mass movement.

Mamta Banerjee is the Ravana of Kaliyuga today Urjaa Guru Arihant Rishi

Demanding Ujjain to be declared a holy city, Urjaa Guru believes that there are seven such cities in India where the land is considered to be a holy place to bless us with the auspicious results.Ujjain is one of those cities. Ujjain city is known as the city of Mahakal, which is the meditation place of Lord Mahavira. Keeping this in view, tourists from all over the world visit Ujjain to pay their respect and to worship Mahakal. He said that“if there are shops like meat and liquor near the temple premises in Ujjain, then somewhere it is like a joke with the sanctity of faith and the holy place.” He demanded that there should be special care of purity here. Along with cleanliness, attention should be paid to promoting sattvik food and sattvik behavior.”


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