Melodic vocal recital by Mahua Chatterjee in Pracheen kala kendra’s 13th webaithak  


Melodic  vocal recital  by Mahua Chatterjee  in Pracheen Kala Kendra’s 13th    Webaithak  

Melodic vocal recital by Mahua Chatterjee in Pracheen kala kendra’s 13th webaithak

13th  webaithak of Pracheen Kala Kendra held live on our face book , Instagram page  and official YouTube channel  of the Kendra.

Today’s artist Smt. Mahua Chatterjee  was born in a musical  family of talented musicians. She started learn music at the   tender age of three from her mother Smt. Shila Chakraborty. After that, Mahua took talim from some noteworthy musicians of our country such as Smt. Haimanti Shukla, Pt. Debjyoti Bose, Prof. Raja Bose, Dr Hena Bose & Shri Debkumar Bannerjee ,  Vidushi Anjana Nath, Shri Sambuddha Chatterjee, and Tabla maestro Pt Parimal Chakraborty. She started her performance through All India Radio and later performed in several parts of our country to her credit and have received warm appreciation from the audiences. She is also an external examiner of Pracheen Kala Kendra and is a regular artist of All India Radio and Doordarshan of Kolkata.

 Mahua Chatterjee , 13th webaithak

Today’s baithak commenced with  Rag Maru Bihag  with   aalap followed by a Vilambit ek taal  bandish with bols “ Rasia hamare bairan bhaye “  Then she moved on to present another  bandish set to drut teen taal  “tadpat raina din piya bina” . Her next rendering was a special tarana composed by legendary ustad  Bade Gulam Ali Khan sahib  in rag Bageshri set to Jhaptal.

After this beautiful presentation she doled out with Thumri  based on Raga Maj Khamaj  with bols “ Prem agan jiyara jalawe” she concluded with soulful  traditional Dadra   set to rag Pilu with  bols “Barsan lagi saawan ki bundiyan  “ .

Melodic vocal recital by Mahua Chatterjee in Pracheen kala kendra’s 13th webaithak

She  was  ably accompanied by exponents  like Sourajit Mukherjee   on tabla and  Probhat Mukherjee  on Harmonium.

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