Menstrual problems in women


Menstrual problems in women

     All women go through their menstrual cycle every month through this is common there is much concern that goes around the women’s health, during this time women’s daily routine is affected badly and they undergo physical and mental stress. The Menstrual cycle tends to bring up many uncomfortable symptoms in women’s body such as mild cramping, fatigue which fades away when the regular cycle starts.

This cycle is not the same for all the women each one tends to face their own cycle normal cycle for few tend to be abnormal for other so there is no consideration for standard cycle on which the period occurs for all the women, this phase tends to be very painful for all the women and they undergo various health concerns there may be many other factors that caused abnormal menstrual cycle and many precautions are addressed by best gynecologist in Navi Mumbai

There are several menstrual problems that are said to be faced by women’s :

Premenstrual Symptoms:

On the regular cycle many women’s tend to experience the premenstrual symptoms before their regular period cycle and this will affect the physical and mentally, the stress that every woman go through is very high and they face many difficulties in their daily life this will make them very uncomfortable the PMS can also cause bloating, acne, headaches, food cravings, backaches etc. These are some of some symptoms for the women’s during the menstrual cycle this may even be normal and harmless for few people and complex for other and this depends on various factors related to women’s health.

Menstrual problems in women

Heavy mensuration or menorrhagia:

This is caused by Harmon imbalance in women and this is one of the common problems which is faced by many women during their menstrual cycle and causes more bleeding and which exceeds the time for the menstrual cycle and this makes them weak physically and mentally. The other causes for r heavy bleeding include puberty, vaginal infection are some of the major reasons for heavy bleeding in women during the menstrual period.

Menstrual problems in women

Nil or Absence in periods:

In rare cases women tend to have no period this phenomenon is called as the amenorrhea, this commonly caused when there are some concerns in the pituitary gland or delay in periods. The secondary amenorrhea is said to witnessed when your regular period is stopped for more than six months the common causes for this condition is a formation of a cyst, weight gain or loss pregnancy. This can be easily related to pregnancy as the period is stopped during your time of pregnancy, so this is one of the common cause for the absence of periods in women .This can be easily identified by the best gynecologist hospital in Chandigarh who can provide us best consultation.

Menstrual problems in women

So these are some the menstrual problem that is faced by many women during their monthly cycle and this cannot be avoided but many precautionary measures can be taken to avoid risk factors that tend to occur during the menstrual cycle.



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