Mercedes-Benz India launches ‘Quick & Clean’-a ‘Waterless Car Washing’



Water Shortage is one of the major challenge the world is facing currently and many countries face acute water shortage. Use of water in wash cars adds to this problem as one time wash of a car uses around 100 litres of water.

In order to stop the wastage of precious water, Mercedes-Benz India introduces a waterless car cleaning solution for domestic use – ‘Quick & Clean’. The product not only saves water but is environment friendly also which prevents the ground water contamination from harmful chemicals of shampoo used for car washing along with water. The initiative is an effort to save precious ground water upto 10,000 litres per car each year.

On World Water Day, Mercedes-Benz India launches ‘Quick & Clean’ – a ‘Waterless Car Washing’ for home use

Key highlights:

  • “Quick and Clean” is the first of its kind self-use at home, dry wash concept which is innovative, eco-friendly, cost effective and waterless cleaning solution.
  • This initiative from Mercedes-Benz can result in saving upto 10,000 liters of water per car annually.
  • Mercedes-Benz has also introduced Dry wash in all its Authorized workshops, where customers shall be given an option to “Dry wash” their cars, instead of normal Water wash to protect the environment.
  • With the introduction of BS VI diesel engine in the new S-Class, Mercedes-Benz also introduces chemical products which are absolutely eco-friendly as well
  • Other product line-up includes car care and cleaning solutions, body repair products, liquids and fluids, grease and lubricants and also Adblue for BS VI vehicles.
  • Introduction of Mercedes-Benz Genuine Oil, which offers more performance, more efficiency and less wear
  • All products are clinically tested and specially developed for use on Mercedes-Benz passenger cars

You can refer to below link for a short description about the product and its use in a video format.


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