Mission Tiger program for the wele ares betterment of our youth by sandeep waraitch

The Aim of “Mission Tiger” is to motivate our young school students and youth to develop spirit of nationalism, patriotism, love for adventure, shun drugs,be brave, strong and graceful like a tiger and Join Armed Forces. We all are aware of the deteriorating moral fiber of the society, which in turn is effecting our youth in a serious way including drug addiction The drug abuse has become a worldwide menace and has assumed alarming proportions The drug abuse has caused ruination of villages and individuals especially in border areas of Punjab. Concerted efforts are required to reduce its further spread and create awareness amongst our youth about the ill effects of drugs. Sandeep Waraich a film maker, singer and social activist based in Mumbai. hastel the urge to do something for our youth to stop further degeneration and show them the right path. To give it a practical shape, he has launched “Mission Tiger” to motivate young school children and youth to develop spirit of nationalism, patriotism love for adventure shun drugs, be strong, brave and graceful like a tiger and join Armed Forces.He convey this message and motivates young students through music and with the help of his rock band, which, appeals to the young minds and they participate willingly and with enthusiasm He has conducted many programmes with the help of various NGOs and citizens at Mumbai, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar & Chandigarh Schools.One such program was conducted at Tagore Theatre on 12 Feb., 2014 for students of all schools of Chandigarh At this program Lt. Gen VS Tonk (Retd.) former Dy.Chief of the Army was the Chief Guest The program at Chandigarh Mohali were sponsored by DR Ballir Singh Sandhi education social welfare Society (Regd)
In 2015. Sandeep Waraich approached Lt Gen K J Singh GOC-IN-e western Command. who appreciated his view point, understood th adverse effects and far reaching implications of drug abuse, asked SANDEEP WARAICH to conduct his programme of MISSION TIGER” r School students in all military cantonements. Accordingly he conducted his Programmes with the help of the Army in 10 cantonments of Haryana, Punjab and right upto Jammu-ie in Chandimandir, Ambala, Patialia, Ferezepur, Amritsar. Beas, hankot, sambha, Jammu & Jalandhar ca from 12th may to 23rd may 2015. All these programmes were great success, showed good results and have been liked by the students, appreciated by staff, educationists & Civil Society It is pertinent to point out here that Participation of youth of Punjab, Himachal & Haryana in the armed forces is strategically very vital from geographical and military point of view. keeping in Mind the past history of various wars. Pakistan as part of larger conspiracy against India has not just been only waging proxy war but also has spread the web of drugs weaken and mislead our youth. The youth is not coming forward to join the Armed to Forces Some who want to join the Army, are not found physically fit. It is a sad situation for a state which was once known as the sword Arm of India. Mission Tiger” being undertaken for the welfare of our youth is of utmost importance and needs full support of civil society. This is the need of the times. Young children of today are the future leaders of our country. It is the moral responsibility of our present generation to train, guide and provide solid ethical foundation to our young children to make them strong and responsible citizens to ensure our and their future safe and formidable. Let us all join hands and do something positive for our youth to make them good citizens, as they are the future of our nation Let us not be complacent. This drug abuse could hit anyone and once it hits, it not only destroys the child but ruins the entire family. We request and call upon every citizen to join in the battle to create awareness amongst our youth against the ill effects of this dreaded Menace and give maximum help to conduct the programmes of “MISSION TIGER


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