NIPER’s PhD scholar awarded


NIPER’s PhD scholar awarded at 22nd International Mass Spectrometry Conference, Italy


Dilip Kumar Singh, a Ph.D. scholar under the mentorship of Prof. Saranjit Singh at Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis, NIPER, S.A.S. Nagar (Mohali) brought accolades to the institute by getting selected for the poster presentation at 22nd International Mass Spectrometry Conference (IMSC), which was held in Florence, Italy from August 26-31, 2018. He has also been awarded with 500 EURO for his this special achievement.  Dilip was the only Ph.D. student selected for the poster presentation across India. He was also presented with the ‘Nico Nibbering Travel Award’ by Prof. Catherine E. Costello, President of International Mass Spectrometry Foundation (IMSF) to attend the meeting among 64 candidates throughout the world. This prestigious award is given in the memory of late Prof. Nicolaas Nibbering, a Dutch chemist, known for the design and construction of the first Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometer in Europe. Additionally, he was awarded with ‘International Travel Support’ grant from Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB), Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.


In the meeting, Dilip presented the poster entitled, ‘Characterization of Stress Degradation Products of Fosamprenavir Calcium Using Q Exactive™ Plus Orbitrap and LTQ XL™ Mass Spectrometers, and Prediction of their Toxicity Using ADMET Predictor™’. The presented work highlighted the application of ADMET Predictor™, a predictive tool for determining physicochemical properties, metabolism and toxicity of the drug and its degradation products. This software is available to NIPER in collaboration with Dr. Michael Bolger (Chief Scientist, Simulations Plus, Inc.). This study included experimental work requiring high end analytical instruments, for which Dr. Sanjeev Giri, Director & Head, DMPK, Aurigene Discovery Technologies Ltd., Hyderabad also offered a collaborative hand.

NIPER’s PhD scholar awarded at 22nd International Mass Spectrometry Conference, Italy

Dilip has been keenly involved in the study of forced degradation studies and characterization of degradation products using highly sophisticated hyphenated techniques (LC-MS and LC-NMR) of selected anti-HIV and anti-cancer drugs. From the past years, NIPER has been involved in delivering the knowledge to students regarding the critical issue related to the drug stability.

NIPER’s PhD scholar awarded at 22nd International Mass Spectrometry Conference, Italy

It is one of the primary concerns during drug discovery and further in development in order to ensure patient safety. Major regulatory authorities including USFDA, EMA, WHO, etc. have made it mandatory to include the information of stability data of active pharmaceutical ingredients as well as finished pharmaceutical products in the dossiers for their marketing approval.

NIPER’s PhD scholar awarded

Prof. Saranjit Singh’s lab has published over 50 research papers on structural characterization of the degradation products using advanced hyphenated mass and NMR tools and successfully established degradation chemistry of an equal number of drug substances.

Such published literature proves to be of great help to small scale generic industries in India, providing them with supportive information on the stability of drugs to be presented in regulatory filings. NIPER is playing constant role in the growth of Indian Pharmaceutical industries, intensifying its national importance.

Dilip belongs to Banaras.

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  • Nico Nibbering Travel Award by president IMSF
  • Poster presentation at 22nd IMSC 2018_Florence Italy


Vijay K. Sharma

PR Cell, NIPER Mohali




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