Obesity Awareness Program held


Obesity Awareness Program held

  During an “Obesity Awareness Program” at Alchemist Hospitals, Panchkula today, the success stories of those who lost large amounts of weight successfully, were shared to audience.

While speaking , Dr. Atul Krishan Sharma, Senior Consultant, G I & Bariatric Surgery said that ‘Obesity Support Group’ runs for both the operated and obese patients to encourage communication between them, so as to overcome the challenges that these patients experience and encourage them to be socially active.

He said that , bariatric surgery is the only tried and tested treatment modality for severe obesity which has a high long-term success and acceptance. In addition, bariatric surgery resolves diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, high-cholesterol and other co-existing obesity related diseases in most severely obese people undergoing it.

He also explained that the Type-2 diabetes is also very well controlled and even cured in patients with or without obesity by bariatric surgery. Obesity can severely affect the quality and length of one’s life, he said adding bariatric surgery has also been able to transform the lives of many obese people.  

While giving the diet tips to reduce weight, senior  dietician, Pooja Gupta said that one should avoid fatty food, fasting & feasting and prefer frequent small meal, include low CHO, moderate protein, high fiber, low fat diet, include more of liquids in diet, and prefer roasted & boiled form more instead of fried food.

During occasion a camp was also organized, where Dr. Atul and Pooja Gupta provided free consultation. The camp was organized with an aim of educating people about the complications of obesity which significantly reduce lifespan

Obesity Awareness Program held

Meanwhile Alchemist hospital Panchkula is also running an Obesity Clinic which is headed by Dr Atul K Sharma and Pooja Gupta.


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