Ojas Hospital celebrates Nurses Day


Ojas Hospital celebrates Nurses Day

Panchkula, May 14: Nurses Day was celebrated with much fanfare and fervor at Ojas Hospital today. The hospital nurses put up a dazzling culture program involving  gidda, bhangra, Himachal naati and Rajasthani dance.

Among others, Dr. Harish Gupta, T K Ruby, Dr. Anurag all directors , Dr. Manjushri and Rajwinder Kaur the nursing superintendent along with doctors and other staff were presented.

The quizzes and debates are also held during occasion.

During occasion, the Cleopatra award for most groomed nurse and Nightingale award for most responsible and caring nurse were given to winners.

Dr. Harish Gupta emphasised on the prominent role of nurses. He said they had a great responsibility to improve the health of the population

Ojas Hospital celebrates Nurses Day

Mr. Ruby said that nursing had evolved into a profession with a wealth of skills and professional knowledge. Sufficient, adequately trained and motivated nurses were essential for the health of the population.


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