Orient Bell Limited launches ‘Chote bathrooms ke bade solutions’


Orient Bell Limited launches ‘Chote bathrooms ke bade solutions’campaign to make small bathrooms look bigger


The bold campaign from Orientbell Limited, a radical departure from industry norms,presents a refreshingconsumer-centric approach to address needs of new homeowners

Orient Bell Limited, a respected and trustedplayer in the tile industry, has launched a bold new marketing campaign, that breaks industry norms by addressing consumer needs.

The new campaign, ‘Chote bathrooms ke bade solutions’ i.e. big solutions for small bathrooms promises Orientbell’ s expertise in making even small spaces look bigger by choosing the right colors of tiles& laying them in a recommended way.

Orient Bell Limited launches ‘Chote bathrooms ke bade solutions’

The bathroom is typically the smallest room in most homes. This situation becomes even more acute with increasingly compact & convenient homes driven by rapid urbanization & nuclear families. Add to it a real estate environment of increasing prices, new homeowners often end up compromising on their aspirations.Consumers are constantly trying to make their home, their rooms & bathrooms look & feel more spacious.

Building on this universal truth, Orientbell and their tile expertswill makeeven the smallest room, the bathroom,look biggerby helping choose the right color combination of tiles& recommending the best patterns to lay them. All a consumer needs to do is to visit an Orientbell showroom near them or give a missed call on 87507 33333.

With thisbrand campaign, Orientbell has taken a relatable yet humorous approach to a problem most homeowners live with.

The home construction & renovation poses a daunting challenge to the typical consumer.Often the energy required to build your dream home is so high that consumer loses interest.Orientbell’ s advertisements extend a helping hand, providing a solution to make homes they want to enjoy. The campaign on ‘Chote bathroom ke bade solutions’ offers solutions, from the same tiles, that meet their need. It provides them with a promise that even the smallestbathroom can look beautiful and spacious with a few expert recommendations at the design stage.

This campaign reaches consumers across touchpoints and has been launched across cities via digital, retail, print, and outdoor media as well. It will be further supported by on ground activations to reach and engage with target consumers in cities across the country.

Orientbell has been in the Tile Industry for nearly 40 years. And the last 6 months have seen significant leadership changes. The campaign is a reflection of the promise it holds for the future. The leadershiphas shown a willingness to start from the consumer. This is a refreshing departure. And anyone who has bought a home or constructed one, will appreciate the need for a consumer-first approach in the real-estate industry.

Orient Bell Limited launches ‘Chote bathrooms ke bade solutions’

Speaking on the launch of the campaign, Mr. Alok Agarwal, Chief Marketing Officer of Orient Bell Limited said, “Todaythe consumer is much more vocal about his needs & aspirations than earlier. And we must address them. When he walks into our showroom, he is not only buying just a tile, but also connecting withTile experts foradvice on makinghisrooms, or even the smallest bathroom, look bigger.It’s a reflection of our focus on putting the consumer& the customer first and driving all our actions to deliver solutions that meet their needs.”


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