Rotaract Club Chandigarh Himalayan organized “Chandigarh vegan Food Carnival”



With the advent of intellectual enlightenment, youth of the country have been taking various initiatives for several causes. A club by the name of Rotaract Club Chandigarh Himalayan organized one such event by the name of “Chandigarh vegan Food Carnival” . The event was held in order to raise awareness regarding “Veganism” and “Animal Welfare”.

The Mayor and several other prominent lawyers witnessed the event. A huge bunch of people turned up with volunteers catering them with impressive hospitality skills.

It was a pleasant sight to see people tasting delicacies at various stalls, breaking all myths of vegan food being dull at taste.

The Club President, Priya Krishnan said that their objective was to organize an event where people could know about the concept of Veganism. She furthered pressed on the need to realize the importance of animal welfare by saying that, “The whole world would turn vegan if slaughterhouses had glass walls.”

A team of food bloggers too showed up. They were interviewed and then they tasted exotic food from the stalls that had been setup. Their critique was wonderful.

At one part of the venue, a stall housing little puppies read, “The Puppy Adoption Center”.

The event was setup around 7 in the morning. It was a wonderful sight to see Rotaractors working for the success of this fest that had a noble cause. The Rotaract Himalayan Band performed and the event shot off. It was then that famous bloggers were interviewed and a meet conducted. The Carnival also had a fashion show were beautiful girls and handsome guys dressed in the best of their attires set the ramp on fire with their walks. Some singing performances went on throughout the evening and the last part of the event was an EDM night.

The organization has been organizing social welfare events in the past, the funds collected from which are used in their project “Happy Schools.” The project deals with refurbishing of schools in and around Chandigarh that lack proper upkeep. The event was a major success, negating the idea of speciesism. The young team deserves accolade for these ways of contributing to the society.



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