Separate wing for COVID-19 patients & Emergency patients at Fortis

Separate wing for COVID-19 patients & Emergency patients


Fortis Mohali introduces 2 separate Emergency wings for treating COVID-19 patients & Non COVID patients

In the wake of ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, Fortis Hospital, Mohali has designated two separate Emergency wings for treating Covid-19 suspects/patients and Non COVID patients, respectively. The Isolation facility in the COVID wing will have the capacity to hold about 12 patients at a given point of time. Whereas the Non-COVID wing will cater to patients with Emergencies like Heart Attack, Stroke Management, Trauma – accidents & fractures, Mother & Child Health, and Gastroenterology.


Giving the information, Dr. Amit Kumar Mandal, Director, Pulmonology, Sleep & Critical Care, Fortis Hospital Mohali said, “The idea is to separate the COVID-19 patients from other Emergency patients in order to avoid the spread of infection amongst others. Extra precautions are being taken to sanitize and contain the spread of infection by equipping all concerned operatives with better quality protective gear, and adequate supply of items. Meanwhile a separate team has been assigned to look at regular Emergencies. Fortis Hospital, Mohali has also assigned a helpline for tele & video consultation, wherein patients can book their appointment online or by calling at the assigned numbers.”

Separate wing for COVID-19 patients & Emergency patients at Fortis

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