Simple Ways To Reduce Stress At Home


Gaurika Sharma


When there is no time to go to SPA-center, you can create your own oasis at home. Here are some tips that will help you to relax at home.

Meditation has been used for thousands of years in order to learn how to develop peace of mind. Also mantra has been used in the Eastern culture as a way of relaxation. Choose a positive word such as love, peace or joy, and repeat it silently or aloud.

Compose yourself
Just imagine, how great the nap is for a baby, how calm a baby becomes after it. Give yourself five minutes of rest. Take two pillows, one of which should be placed between the knees. It’s a very comfortable position for relaxation.

Take a mental vacation
If you need to reduce stress, find a place in your room and arrange a vacation that will take place in your head. Close your eyes and imagine a peaceful place, visualize places and smells. The more vivid picture your mind will paint, the more relaxed your body will be.

Honey mask
Add yourself some time for relaxation in the evening. Do not forget to use a secret ingredient. Honey! Natural antibiotic makes your skin noticeably softer and it moisturizes the skin greatly. Apply honey on the face, avoiding the eye area, leave on for 10 minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

Bath with sea salt
Recover after a long day in the bathroom, adding a cup of sea salt into your bath. Salt washes away dirt from the skin. In order to achieve anti-aging effect, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and light the candles.

Use lavender
Numerous experiments show that the smells are crucial for relaxation. Sprinkle a few drops of essential oil on your pillow or clothes, use a diffuser or lavender scented water.

Be thankful for what you have
Studies show that it is necessary to write down things for which you are really thankful. And it should be done every day. Scientists are sure that such actions affect the ability of a good sleep and relaxation.

Breathe deeply
Breathe consciously. Take a full breath: inhale deeply with your belly, and then try to breathe out till the every last drop. This simple action blocks the response to stress. Breathe deeply before you respond to conflict situations.


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