Some helpful tips and tricks for All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE)


Some helpful tips and tricks for All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE)

Some helpful tips and tricks for All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE)

The All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) is a popular entrance examination for access to undergraduate engineering and architecture/planning programs and this test is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE.


Participant institutions in AIEEE are the National Institutes of Technology (NIT), Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIIT), Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management (IIITM), Deemed Universities, Central Government Funded Institutions and other State Institutes.


This entrance examination generally consists of two papers, the 1st test possesses the three subjects that are Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and  they all are of equal weightage including the objective type questions for BE/B.Tech courses and the other test is consisting of Mathematics, Aptitude Test and Drawing for B. Architecture and B. Planning.


The Educational examination is intended to determine the vision, creativity, perception, ingenuity and architectural knowledge of participants.


If you are searching for some help in preparing this examination, this article is for you. It is providing you with some of the most useful tips and tricks for AIEEE test Preparation.


Although the coursework is virtually the same as Board Exams of 11 and Class 12, the competitive pressure for AIEEE is intense.


In addition, for just a few hundred positions, a lot of student’s contest, making the examination harder.

Some prominent features of AIEEE


All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) significant features


  • It is an examination of Objective form testing.


  • The AIEEE got to a point to assess the abilities of students in the fields they are involved in learning at university level.


  • In both the English and Hindi languages, the AIEEE query guide is free. However, when filling out the online application, you have to make your mind up.


  • For incorrect answers, there is negative marking. Every wrong answer is compensated for by a negative one-third score.


  • In the AIEEE exam, the use of Calculators and Log Tables is not permitted.


Some useful tips and tricks for preparing your test


You would need to have an in-depth understanding of the course material. It might keep you from getting carried away on a specific subject since you know how much attention you could commit to a particular subject. This also allows you to stop paying attention to needless subjects.

  1. Find out the best material to start preparation


To start the preparation for the AIEEE, the applicant must decide which of the subjects they are interested in applying to any of the universities. In turn, this will encourage the applicant to identify and appreciate all the steps taken in the basic phase of preparation.


In order to follow all the requirements, set out in the application form, it is important to customize the training plan for this exam. This test procedure needs a written review; thus, the strategy should focus on academic preparation based on the syllabus of intermediate.


  1. Going through the syllabus completely

Perhaps the most important step is to carefully go over the syllabus, because on the basis of the syllabus you can continue your preparation step by step.


It is the most important and simple thing to do. It will help to cover all the relevant topics without skipping any of the important topic.


Subjects such as algebra, general mathematics, data analysis, English, and general knowledge are common for AIEEE.

  1. Start the Preparation asap

Being prepared for an admission test starts with a sincere start of training and the best way to start preparation is to take part in any of your subject’s online classes or YouTube lessons.


Try not to miss any lessons or any lectures. When you do not understand a concept or query, ask your teacher these questions. Use the textbooks that are accessible and learn a little each day as a reference.

  1. Evaluate the standard of study materials

In order to crack the exam at once, the next most important thing is that the student should be aware of the correct studying material. Like other exams, the best papers and preparation materials are given that fall with the same pattern test.


So, it makes it easy to go through the same pattern that falls in the test for the candidates. And also, by previous year’s question papers that can include recommendations about what kinds of questions can be asked.


  1. Every day, do some homework

You have to give some time to solve some practice questions to revise and remember the lessons from the lecture taken. Do not copy or neglect any of them. When doing your homework, you’re learning? To begin learning, you can develop quickly by knowing basic concepts.

  1. Engage to Preparation

Instead of putting together all the studies at the last minute, try to plan accordingly. Strive to hone testing skills and strategies to construct balanced habits. Set yourself time limits and start giving some extra time to planning 3 days before an exam. As you get closer to the test day you can reduce the load.

  1. Get some online assistance

Utilize all types of online news websites available. There are also thousands of websites that can help you in preparing for the exam.


Also, there are numerous of online calculator websites that can assist you to solve mathematical problems in seconds. One of the useful option you can utilize for this purpose meracalculator and calculatorschool  that possesses the tremendous number of calculators that would definitely provide you some additional help in preparation of mathematics, physics, and statistics.


  1. Take professional tutors’ advice


You ought to consider taking advice from seniors who have tried this test already, which will help tremendously. Since they are the experts, they can know stuff in depth.

  1. Stay confident

You must remain calm as the test day is about to come. Take this test as a goal and do not feel nervous about it. Keep in mind that your 100 percent has already been given and the best is coming.

  1. Practice from previous exams

The majority of competent tutors will recommend current previous practice activities to you. Occasionally, you can even find old tests online.


Go and rework these subjects over the homework and notes. By designing your own practice test to prepare for what could come up on the test, you should try your hand at each type of problem.


This allows you to determine the amount and form of questions that are being asked. You are therefore aware of the value of your preparation and the quality of the sample papers and other tools you depend on when going through the training sessions.


Tackling sample papers and query papers from the previous year improves the ability to evaluate the subject and focus on it in all potential ways.


You can take strong help (teacher/institute coaching/study material)


It makes you more confident and gives you appreciation and results are achieved by a self-made individual.


If you have begun training well in advance and have your teachers at the school to provide the required assistance, then you will possibly escape the coaching institute’s burden.


It is also very important to adopt suitable study materials. Two parameters can certainly be met by your research material (textbooks and exercise books).


The syllabus must be covered completely.


The quality of studied material must adhere to the quality of the test. You can use the assistance of successful applicants or your teacher to do this.



Selecting the right eligible students is the basic aim of AIEEE. This is not important for how much information and expertise you have. The main part is to correctly apply your skills by reacting to questions appropriately on time.

Some helpful tips and tricks for All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE)

This means that you need to be wise enough to choose the easy ones and conquer them first instead of dealing with the tough ones. In addition, follow the aforementioned strategies and give your best. Ok, good luck!


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