Tips for making a wedding anniversary special


Tips for making a wedding anniversary special:

Anniversaries   come and go so quickly that sometimes it’s hard to make your current anniversary more meaningful than the last. You might even look back on some wedding anniversaries and forget what you did to celebrate. However, your plans don’t need  to be lavish for the occasion to be memorable .Regardless of what anniversary you’re celebrating ,let these ideas inspire you to make the most  of every anniversary you share with your partner.

Renew your wedding vows:

Now we are not suggesting to renew your wedding vows on your 4th wedding anniversary. This anniversary celebration is designated for more milestone moments, like your 20th , 25th or 50th.

Give back to a cause that matters to you both:

Anniversaries are all about connecting with each other but also about connecting with the things that matter to you both. If there is a cause or charity you are passionate about, take some time out on that day to give back. Perhaps you each have your own charity or volunteer activity.Make the time to do both and learn more about what drives your partner.

Tips for making a wedding anniversary special:

Some Ideas For Memorable Marriage Anniversary


Plan an exciting vacation:

It’s easy to think that in an ideal world, we would all pack up and take the most exciting , lavish vacation we could afford on our anniversaries. The problem is that sometimes jobs and finances don’t allow us to take an Instagram – worthy vacation every anniversary. Perhaps you hate travelling. Don’t discount how valuable  it is to just get away from the everyday home routine for a few short days. Plan an inexpensive weekend trip somewhere you can drive, which will be memorable in its own way.

Celebrate with family and friends:

Anniversary can be very personal for some couples, but sometimes it take s a village to support a couple and growing family. For Couples that are really connected with           their  family and friends, try to include them in the process too. Earmark some time for just the two of you, but then let the people close to you know you’d love to celebrate together.

Create an anniversary scavenger hunt with the family:

This family friendly way to celebrate an anniversary is perfect for a young couple with small children. A night  away with a sitter watching the kids might be ideal, but perhaps the following day you can include your children in a  scavenger hunt all about your relationship. Create a map and take them to your first date, where you got engaged etc. Showing your children how you value your relationship will be an invaluable life lesson.








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