Soulful Music touches the right chord of music lovers


Soulful Music touches the right chord of music lovers

Vocalists Noopur Gadgil, Sanjeev Chimmalgi give scintillating performances

October 28, the last day of Morning Time 11:00 am on Vidhushi Jyoti Hegde will be presenting morning ragas on the Rudra Veena

Strawberry Fields High School in Sector 26 came alive with soulful music as performances by the artistes at three-day 41st Annual Chandigarh Sangeet Sammelan reverberated the auditorium here today. The artistes of the day were Noopur Gadgil and Sanjeev Chimmalgi. This sammelan is being conducted by Indian National Theatre in collaboration with Durga Das Foundation and Sangeet Natak Academy.

Noopur Gadgil is a well known Hindustani vocalist who has imbibed the fine nuances of the Gwalior, Agra and Jaipur Gharana. She has been training under the guidance of Pandit Madhukar Gajananrao Joshi for the last 18 years. She has also gained guidance in Natya Sangeet from Shubhada Dadarkar, Pandit Ramdas Kamat and Rajani Joshi.

Soulful Music touches the right chord of music lovers

Noopur Gadgil in her performance started with 3 compositions in raag Shree (North Indian Rag of Poorvi Thaat – Vilambit Khayaal to Tilwada – Vari Jau Re (Pt. Gajananbua Joshi’s composition) followed by Madhyalaya compostion Chalon Mayi Ram Siya followed by Tarana. After this she sang two compositions, composed by Pt. Gajananbua Joshi in Rag Chhayanat of Kalyan Thaat.

She was accompanied by Sh Mehmood Khan on table and Dr Vinay Mishra on harmonium.

While Sanjeev Chimmalgi in his performance commenced with a beautiful composition in Raag Jhinjhoti set to Vilambit ek taal, Saanvaro Man Bhaayo, followed by a Drut Khalyaal (Saanvariya Ne Mero Man) set to Drut teen taal.

After this, he presented a medium tempo composition in Raag Malav ‘Radhe Radhe’ followed by fast tempo in Ek taal ‘Tu Hai Rangeela Mera’. He concluded his presentation with beautiful Kabir Bhajan ‘Guru ji main toh ek Niranjan Dhyaan je’.

Vocalist Sanjeev Chimmalgi is one of the most prominent and promising Hindustani classical singers of his generation. He has been singing professionally since his early twenties and has performed at prestigious music festivals all over India, as well as in the UK, the US, Spain, Switzerland & Germany. His concerts are noted for the fluidity and grace with which he presents a raga and the delicacy of his approach to bol and svar. He has imbibed the important aspects of the Gwalior, Kirana and Agra gharanas (styles or schools). He has also been an ardent explorer of more popular forms, like that of the bhajan, the film song and contemporary fusion. He has sung film-songs in Hindi, Marathi & Telugu.

Soulful Music touches the right chord of music lovers

He was accompanied by Sh Paramjit Singh on table and Dr Vinay Mishra on harmonium.

On First day of Sammelan Prof. Ojesh Pratap Singh commenced his recital with a Vilambit Khayaal in Raag Bhimpalasi set to Tilwada’ Palkan laagi mori akhiyan,’ followed by a Drut khayaal in Drut teentaal. He continued with another two beautiful compositions in Raag Kamod. After the great performance of Prof. Ojesh Pratap Singh, renowned vocalist Shruti Sadolikar took to the stage. She started with a beautiful Vilambit Khayaal in Raag Maru Bihag ‘Rasiya Aavo Na’

He has well accompanied on table by Sagar Gujrati and Harmonium by Dr Vinay Mishra


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