Students attend talk on ‘Stress management & dietary habit’


Students attend talk on ‘Stress management & dietary habit’

A health talk on ‘Stress management and dietary habit’ was organized by Ivy Hospital at Silver Oaks School, Bathinda.

During workshop, Dr Gurpreet Singh, MD-Psychiatry gave tips to student on how to manage and overcome stress especially during exams.

He said that increasing stress levels in our lives has now become a routine. He suggested science based skills to increase happiness levels in order to fight with it positively.

He said, best strategy to beat stress is not to put all the focus on the what, why  and how of stress, but rather to increase happiness, positive emotions and build stronger relationships in our lives which can protect us from the ill effects of stress.

Students attend talk on ‘Stress management & dietary habit’

Discussing about causes of stress, Dr Gurpreet said that chronic stress disturbs almost every system in our body. It can suppress your immune system, upset your digestive and reproductive systems, increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, and speed up the aging process.

Students attend talk on ‘Stress management & dietary habit’.

Students attend talk on ‘Stress management & dietary habit’

Talking about dietary habit he said that while breakfast is given the reputation of being the most important meal of the day, eating lunch is just as essential to staying healthy. Going too long without food denies your body glucose, the sugar that supplies your brain with energy. Skipping lunch also slows down your metabolism, leads to overeating and makes it difficult to meet your nutrient needs for the day, he asserted.


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