Talk on ‘modern lifestyle and health hazards’ held


Talk on ‘modern lifestyle and health hazards’ held

As many 40 employees of a private bank attended a talk on ‘modern lifestyle and health hazards’ at sector 9.

Talk on ‘modern lifestyle and health hazards’ held

Speaking during occasion, Dr Manisha Gupta , senior consultant medicine, Ivy Hospital Mohali said that life style includes everything that one does during his or her daily activities. It include activities at work or leisure, diet , social interactions and the time spend with gadgets and at social media.

All these factors affect your health in one way or other, Dr Manisha opined.

She also warned about the hazards of mobile phone overuse . She said it may cause musculoskeletal problems especially in hands and neck, radiation exposure, spread of germs, accidents, loss of personal interactions, visual and hearing problem and psychological disorders.

She further said that due to changing environment, moral values and social network, the people are more stressed out and anxious, which can cause heart diseases, digestive problems, slip disorders, headache , depression and violent behaviors .

Talk on ‘modern lifestyle and health hazards’ held

Dr Manisha advised to remain stress free, move more, eat healthy and enjoy life.

Meanwhile during occasion, a free multispecialty health camp was also organized.


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