Teachers,Headmasters&Principles of Govt.Schools are being suspended&transferred


On the one hand the Teachers, Headmasters and Principles of the Government Schools are being suspended and transferred inspite of being performed their duties with full dedication but on the other hand Mr Ram Singh Sandhu Headmaster of Govt Middle School Sector 46 Chandigarh has been given extension as a Headmaster under Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan Society UT Chandigarh by sidelining the rules and regulations because under SSA there is no policy and rule to give extension for the person who is retired.

Mr Ram Singh Sandhu has been retired on 31/05 /2018 but given extension even after the retirement. If he has to given extension then he is only eligible for the post of Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT). In the similar case Ms Prem Lata who was working as a Headmistress at Govt Middle School Sector 23 Chandigarh under Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan Society UT Chandigarh had not been given extension as a Headmistress citing the rules of no extension for the post of Headmaster/Headmistress and she was thus given the extension as a TGT Hindi teacher.

That during the tenure of Mr Ram Singh Sandhu the strength of the school has been decreasing from 1600 students to just 315 students. However the schools in the adjoining area have overloaded strength.

That as per the rule when the strength of the Government School is less than 500 students then there is no post of Headmaster exist but during the last three consecutive years nothing has been done in this regard.


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