Ten Tricks For Your Weight Loss


By- Gaurika Sharma

Ten Tricks For Your Weight Loss

Use a paper towel to blot the fat from a piece of pizza. If this becomes a habit for you, then you can get rid of a whole cup of fat in a week.

2.Drink more milk
The consumption of 1,800 mg of calcium a day will help to block the absorption of about 80 calories. Drink skim or 1% milk, add it to coffee and enjoy your white coffee.

3.Buy pre-cut vegetables
They are more expensive, but later you will agree that this is the most wonderful snack.

4.Drink more water 

A recent German study has shown that drinking water burns calories. Two cups of cold water at a temperature not higher than 72 ° C may burn about 25 calories.

5.Go smaller
Use a smaller plate during your meals. Studies show that people, who eat from smaller plates, consume less food per day.

6.Dilute your juice
Add water to your juice in order to reduce the amount of calories contained with the juice.

7.Keep a snack ready
Mix the three types of beans and use low-calorie Italian dressing. Let this be a snack that is always ready.

8.Think about food
During the meal do not watch TV or read, just think about food.

9.Eliminate mindless snacking
Chew a gum with a strong taste of cinnamon, which will help you to avoid snacking.

10.Tighten your belt
When you want a snack, tighten your belt, as a reminder of the size you want to achieve.


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